Todays Quote

“Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwell in the soul.
– Democritus.


New ringtone

This is my moms new ringtone.
So anyone that knows her, please please please don’t call her when I´m around her. Because that song just get stuck on my brain, and then I will go around and sing on that for days.

What do you think?

Treated the same!?

We´re all treated the same. Always. There´s no different in names, ages, gender. There is at list no different in what your name are.

Yeah, right! are my own blog. It´s my Norwegian blog. So it is me on the foto. I just didn´t find the original photos.

That´s what I have been feed, and I guess more than just me. I can say that all the people in my old class was told this, and so goes for the people I work with. I mean come on! Maybe, maybe I believed it when I was six, but I know I didn´t believe it when I was sixteen. So what makes people believe that I believe it now at the age of twenty-six?

We all want to believe that we treat everyone that same and me also try to do it.

But here’s the thing people, you always meet people who you don´t like and people who you like more than others. And that´s the thing. If you like someone you´re more round around the edges, then what you´re with someone who you don´t really like.
That´s normal. Everybody does it, but that don´t make it okay!

The thing that I have noticed over the years is that the more people denies doing it, the more they do it.

You could call it favoritism, but it doesn’t have to go that far.

Because it’s not that you give the someone more, or take their side all the time. But you just do this little things.
And frankly that´s okay with me. But don’t deny it, don´t try to hide it or cover it up. Think about it. Try to do something about it. Because a person that denies it, well they don´t do a thing about it. They just keep going at it. Doing it over and over, so that everyone can see.

I one the other hand so not do it. I never treat people different. Oh yeah, who I´m I kidding. Of course I do, I´m no better than any body els.

But here’s the thing, I have never been the one that has been on the wrong side, the one that gets the bad end of the deal. I not always “the teacher’s pet”, but I do okay and there for ends up better than the bottom. So yeah we can all be jealousy of “the teacher´s pet” and some even goes so far to hate on the person.

Why do we do that?

It´s not their fault the they are “the teacher´s pet” they just are. They often dosen´t even know have they did end up being just that. They didn´t do anything to get hated up on. Isn´t it the “teacher” that should feel that hate? Because it´s there fault, it´s theres doing. Not the other way around.

So just don’t deny that you treat people different, because you do.

It could be because of the vibe you’re getting, personalities, upbringing, cultures, the smallest ting can make or break it.
So can´t we just agree on that Yes we do treat people different, but it´s not always out intentions? 

The same goes for this photo and yeah I was trying to go blond a year ago, so that way I have that crazy hair color on the other photo.

A package.

I got this note in the mail yesterday that I have a package waiting on me at that post office. I think I know what´s in it, a jacket I ordered a few weeks ago, but they said that they would send an e-mail when they did posted it.

But the thing is that if it´s not the jacket, I don´t know what it could be.

But there´s only one way to find out, and that would be to pick it up. So  I´m soon on my way out, to do just that.