Not always easy

Going to the movies with my friends can sometimes be difficult and not because we have different taste in movies, no. The reasons it´s difficult is that we all work different hours all the time. Night, evenings, mornings, weekends, holidays, well we do it all.

So when we´re going to the movies we have to all have the time of.

But with a lot of texting and some minutes on that phone we finally found a day and a time that fit us all and to make it even better. It even fitted for even more of our friends and not to forget my baby sister.

So this thursday are we going to the movies, so watch out. Here we come.

What are we watching this time?

The Hunger Games of course.

The Hunger GamesI myself can´t wait to see it. I´m not going to say that I read the book and I´m a huge fan who has just been waiting to the movie, because that´s not me.

Read the book I have, but only just a few days ago. And I only read it because to movie trailer looked good. But on the other hand when I started to read it I didn´t know have to put the book down.

I was the same when I read the twilight books, or well not the same. This time I tried to take it slow. Read on chapter and then put the book down. Just so I would´t get to in to it, and it was a good strategy. Well on till I got to chapter four. After that I read the book out only to take a few pauses because my trout got dry or I had to us the bathroom.

So if you haven´t figured it out, the book it good. No not good, that dosen´t cover it. It is amazing.

And there for I´m i looking forward to see the movie now. The Hunger Games, The Book

A lady that I work with asked if reading the book first ruined the movie because I knew what would happened, and to that I can only say one thing. No it dosen´t. But if I had seen the movie first I would have ruined the book.

Really it´s true. If I want to read the book, I can´t see the movie first. There is just something in my head that dosn´t like it. I think it´s because I know what will happened that ruins it, that I can´t keep my mind focused on the book that way.

But what ever it´s, it´s always been that way for me. From I was ten years old. Maybe it´s wired, maybe it´s not. But ether way I never claimed that I was normal.

So yea there you have it. For every one that wont it in writhing.
I´m a bit Crazy and I have never claimed that I was normal.

And is normal something we really want to be?
I mean come on, what is really normal. What I mean is normal, you don’t have to agree on. So if I claimed that I was normal , we would be over on a hole other discussion. What is really normal?

Even so. That was not what this was about. I get a feeling that I´m all over the map to-day, so just bear with me. Back to the Hunger Games. Have you read it or see the movie? Or even did both. Then tell me what you think about it all.

And now I have to go, have to go and do some grocery shopping, because now I´m going to bake.


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