Bieber chaos

Okay, so Norway has for the first time gotten a visit from no other the Justin Bieber him self. And there is just one word that comes to mind.


There is just no other words for it. My Uncle work in Oslo, and he didn´t get home to-night. So he is sleeping in a hotel in Oslo to-night. All buses and all traffic was at a stand still to-day. The police even got out in to the media and said that the didn´t want any more people in tho Oslo. Because it´s just on big chaos.

So I have to say that I´m happy that I was not in Oslo to-day.

Because chaos is not my thing at all.

Look at this:



lose a few

There is this guy, we have been flirting a little with the last couple of months. That ended this weekend.

He said something like this:
“I like you, but contact me when you have lost a few.”

It´s not that it´s untrue what he said, and I´m working on just that. Losing a few pounds and inches. But for a guy to say things like that are not cool, not at all. He like me, but I don´t look good enough for him. I have to lose a few to be that?

What does that really mean?
He likes the person I am, but not the way I look?

I can understand that, but if I lose a few my looks will be pretty much that same. So it´s just the ponds he don´t like then, right?

Heres the thing I don´t get.
Does he really think that I would be interested in him after he said that?
In my eyes I´m done with him, and if I contact him again it will never be to pick up what we maybe could have. Not a chance.
It would then be to just, I don´t know to show him that I did lose a few?
I don´t even think I would do that. I have nothing to prove to him or anything, so why would I do that?

There is this other thing that I wonder too.
Could it be just something totally different that is the reason? That there is more to the story? Something I don´t see?

Not that I´m hiding behind that as the reason, and stop working on my self. Because I´m not. I had a great start on this year, lost around 12 pounds. But after my doctor said I couldn´t work out for two months it´s been hard getting back and sins my neck still not working properly it´s hard getting back to do a real good work out. I´m afraid to make it worse.

But  back to the other thing, what would you have done if someone told you to lose a few and then contact them? 

I give him and every other person that has said something like that a thumb down.

A bad idea

So I full of bad ideas lately.
Right now I´m so tiered that if I lie down I will fall a sleep, but guess what?
I´m working to-day. Working over-time.

I have chosen that all by my self, no one forced me to it or anything.

And 0700 tomorrow morning I´m going home to sleep two maybe three hours before it´s time to hit the beach again. Something is telling me that this whole ting is one big bad idea.

So I´m of to work now, wish me luck.

Snow White and the Huntsman

The first time I read about this move I was like, that can´t be good. But I always give things a change. Sometimes I get burn, and sometimes I gets a pleasant surprise. I think this time that I will be surprised. This is just based on the trailers. So there is still a changes that I will get burned.

Have you seen the trailer? If you haven´t then you can do so now.


I don´t know when I will see it yet, but I will see it. Will you?

Snow White are being played by Kristen Stewart. She is an actress I can’t decide if I like or not, or maybe it´s the movies she´s in that I don´t know if I like or not. So yes she is Bella Swan and I´m a huge twilight fan, but I like the books so much more than the movies. That has nothing to do with Kristen Stewart, it´s just more in the books then there is in the movies. Something that´s not weird. So I have seen a lot of Kristen Stewart´s movies, some of them on YouTube because I live in Norway and some movies just don´t come here. Not weird seeing that all our movies do not go out everywhere ether. I think that Kristen plays a lot of weird parts. In some movies I don´t like her character , in others I don´t like the movie at all. So that can have a lot to do with why I can´t decide if I like her or not. So I have an open mine. Maybe this will be the movie that makes me decide.

One thing this movie has is Eye candy. Chris Hemsworth are most known as Thor, from the movie with the same name. I and my friends are all agree (for once) the he are HOT. Not that  it´s what it´s all about. I have to say that I love him as Thor, the God from Norse mythology. Even if the movie is not correct after the stories from Norse  mythology (that´s the movie I learned that my name should be Sif. LOL.) And have to say that I liked him in the same role in The Avengers.

I have to say that I have not notes the other actors and actresses in this movie before. So it will be fun to see. Charlize Theron seems like an actress I should have notes before, but maybe I just haven´t seen any of her movies.

So tell me are you going to see the movie, or have you seen it?
And what do you think about the actors and actresses that are in the movie? 

By the way if you, like me live in Norway, well then we have to wait for June 8th. 

So mean

The sun is never so bright and it´s never so warm as it is now a days, here in Norway for long. So I hate that I work this week. Luckily  I just work tomorrow and then I have five days of, five days where I can go swinging and just have a good time out in the sun.

But over to the mean stuff. Look at this picture I got from my friends to-day.

Guess when I got it?
Yeah when I was at work, when I couldn´t do anything about it. It´s just so mean. There I sit and dream about a beach, about going for a swim and then I get that picture. So,so mean.