Gossip Girl and a day of pampering.

Today am I pampering my self, starting with my guilty pleasures. Gossip Girls. I have all the four seasons that are out on DVD.

Later am I going to the gym for a light work out. So maybe not just a day of pampering, but a lot of it are it going to be. Because after the work out are I going to a meeting at work. That is about out payment at work,  so I have to be there. Not going to get this information second handed. We know we are getting more, but have much more?

After all that is done then it´s back to the pampering. Good food, hair treatment, facemasks and green mood treatment (Face, foot, hands and so on.)
This will be a whole body pampering. Therefor am I putting in the  work-out, plus the fact that then I can have a good conscience for the good food.

To the good food and all the other this that I´m pampering myself, I will be watching Gossip Girl. Just love that show. So I start at season one and go from there.

“I´m adultnapping you.” – Dan Humphrey



I just love the drama, the gossip and all that. I hate it in real life, yes. But in a tv-show, in a fictional world I love it. Kind of double moral I know, but I really love it. And I do have a soft spot for Dan Humphrey and I have always been a Dan Humphrey and Serena van der Woodsen fan.

Just love them.

Just love them



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