Color me

This is kind of have I felt like today. My mood going up and down, just like everything els.
Everything is kind of swinging from this to that. I hope that it´s because I haven´t gotten on hundred percent from last week fever and so on. But the sad thing is that I don´t think it is. So therefore it´s time to call the doctor to see what she has to say.

I´m going from hot to cold in just seconds and I hate it. The head-aces I can live with, they are not so bad that i have to take pills or a list it has not been that bad this week.

Oh, yeah. This is why I have not really been writing the  last day. I get whiny when I don´t feel well. So I will just go to bed now and stop this “Please feel sorry for me post”. I hate those and I kind of get embarrassed that I´m posting one. So maybe I will take it down tomorrow.

Heres to hoping.



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