Pretty Woman

I can´t help it. I just love the movie Pretty Woman. I know that it´s not an uncommon choice of favorite move for girls, but as I said I can´t help it. It has been a favorite movie of mine sines I first so it, so it´s on my all times favorite list and not on the right now favorite list.
(Yeah I have both a right now and an all time list.  )

I my self uses movies to distract my self form nothing and everything. So now that I home sick (yes still sick) I love those kind of movies. The movies that takes me of to the dream world. And that is what this movie those to me. Take me from this world to the dream world.

Julia Roberts is also on of my favorite actresses, I just LOVE her.

I don´t really wont to ask if you have seen it, because I like to think that everyone has seen it. But I know that,thats not true, so have you seen it?
And what do you think about Pretty Woman?



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