my day

There is no real work today, because I have the day of. But still there is a lot of things today and I´m having a day of no glitter and no make up. Have a lot to do her home. A lot of e-mail reading, so I don´t miss something importuned that I have been invited to. Because it´s a long time sines I checked it and last time I didn´t check it in this long I missed the opportunity to go on a meeting with the Prime minister. So I should be more careful. There is a lot to do. I also has some music I have to listen to and my brothers iPod to update (yeah I update his iPod he don´t dose not do it him self).

That is what I´m working on right now.

So I have this long list of songs that my brother wont’s on his iPod and there is this one song that he wont more than the other if I understand his list right. There is this one song that he has put a ring around and that is Tir n´a Noir by Vamp. It a wonderful song in Norwegian, it´s slow and peace full and I can really understand why he wants it.

I will up it in here for you all to hear, they sing in Norwegian, but just it´s just so nice to hear that even if you don´t understand what they sing I think you will like it.

So when I´m done with the few things I told you about well then it´s time to clean. I hate cleaning my apartment, but it is a necessary evil.
So there you have it, this is just a plain boring day for me. What a bummer.

No make-up, no nothing.

No make-up, no nothing

Hope that you have something more existing to do then me today.



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