There is this one Christmas film I have to see every year. It goes every year at Christmas day one the channel NRK, and it always starts around 12. The movie is from 1976 and are called Reisen til Julestjerene (Journey to the Christmas star). The fist time I remember seeing it was the same year that I did see it in theater. I remember that the whole school was there to see it, and half the girl had a crush on this one elf.

The theater I had seen was a little darker than the movie. The movie is more cut.

Well at list the old one. Now they are re-making it. This time it will be more like the theater version I have seen.
So I can´t wait to see it. Something more that is a little funny about this, or at list a fact, is that this is the first Norwegian film that are financed by Disney.

It has Premier November 9, I think that is a little early to get in to the christmas spirit. So I may not see it on the day of the premier, but I will see it. And I think that I will love it.

So here’s for Christmas. The best ting about the winter.



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