Tug Of War

I have to say that I just love this song, and it´s a shame that Carly Rae Jepsen didn´t get more attention then she did before Call me maybe. But hey that´s life.
I also love her new album Kiss. It´s one of the few things I listen to right now. Mostly I think it´s because it´s a happy album, and right now I need happiness. No sadness, drama or fake people. But sadly there is a lot of fake people in my life now. But I guess I´m not the only one that fell it like that.

I Liked Call me maybe, Good Times and Tug of War. And I love Carly Rae Jepsen new album Kiss so I think I have found myself a new artist that I will be following.

Have you heard Carly Rae Jepsen´s album Kiss?
What do you think about it and her?

As always



Love, the small things

This is so true. The thing is also that not only those the smallest things take up the most room in your heart, but in my cause it also takes a lot of place in my brain.

Have a good weekend, relaxes, enjoy, and have fun.



I should not be doing this!!!

Right now am I coloring my hair and it’s not very smart right now. Because when you live on only 500 calories a day your body has not much vitamins and other good stuff left to you hair. So to do more damage to the hair is not vise at the moment. But still here I’m doing just that.
And the thing that is ever worse is that I don’t even know if I’m going to like it.
I’m going red. Hopefully it want be to red, because my hair was so dark. But you never know.
But here’s to hoping.



Lost 2,4 kilo

So I´m all in my start of my third week, and I just had my second weighing today and I lost 2,4 kilo. I´m so happy about it.

One more step closer to my goal. And did I say that I´m happy about it??

It´s not everyday that it easy, but then I have to think about what I will get out of it and that make it easier.


Pictures from my trip to the Parliament Building

I have a camera and a phone with camera, but I´m never any good at using ether of them. It´s not that I don´t have ether of them with me, because I always have my phone with me and the camera are always in my purse. So if I have my purse, well then I have to things that can take pictures. B

But I dont use them. So there is not many pictures from this trip, but there is some. And well I want to share them.



Lost 5,2 kilo

I have now gotten home from my first weighing and all I can say is that I´m happy about it.

5,2 kilo in one week!

I could not believe it. It has just been one week, one week and I´m 5,2 kilo lighter.  Could not believe it.
I know I had lost some kilo, but over 5. No way. I would not believe it, but I did see it. So I had to believe it. And the fact that the shakes tastes good. I don´t feel any need for something sweet or anything like that. I just love it.

I have one meal left to-day and I was wondering if I should taste the vegetables soup to-day. Would maybe be good to taste something els for ones.

But right now am I so happy that there is nothing that can bring me down.

GO Easy Life!!!!

I know that I have a long way to go to reach my goals, but it´s a really good start and I cant wait to get going.


One week

I’ m now done with the first week on the program Easy Life, and I have my first weighing today. I know that I have lost at list little, but i have to say that I’m a little nerves.

Right now am I looking in my book, reading and doing my homework for the week. Yeah I know it’s last minute, but I have been looking at it all week thinking about the answers. The only thing I have not done is putting the pen down and writing on it.

Because that scares me a little. It scares me have little I have been thinking about what to do after I’m done with only using the food I bay from them. It makes me think that I’m not good enough prepared. And I know that it’s way I’m getting help. But hers the thing.
I don’t Iike getting help.
I know it’s not a bad thing. I never think less of people getting help or I don’t ever have a problem to help others. It’s just that my proved gets in the way. This is also something that I have to work with and I know it. But knowing it and doing something about it is to wary different things.


I will maybe tell you have the weighing dose go to you all after, but for now this was it.


A trip to the Parliament

This is the second time in a little under a year that I´m invited to a trip to the Parliament in Norway. So yet again am I going. Last time was december last year. That trip cut a little short, not because of anything that happened in the Parliament at the time. No it was cut a little short because the bus was late. That was the first day a mount of snow fall last year. I really hope that don´t happens this year. Both the trip being cut short and that part about the snow. It´s more then enough that it´s so cold at night that I have to scrape ice of the car when I was going home from work last week.

I mean come on we had a crappy summer weather, and then the winter weather has to start in september. Not fair!


But enough about that.

So I´m going to Oslo and then to the Parliament. There are we going to get something to eat and listen to the politicians from the county I live in. They will probably tell what they do and go in to some of the causes they work on. Last time did we also get a visit from the former Justice Minister, Knut Storberget. Maybe there will be a “surprise” visit this time to.

After all that talk, we will get a little tour around in side the Parliament building.


Now I´m going to pack my work out bag, and after a good work out  will it not be long before I´m on  my way to Oslo.