Need Names, book names

Yeah I do need that, names. I need names on good books. Books or a book that you just fell in love with, or just liked. A book that you would recommend others to read. Books you will recommend to me.


The Hunger Games, The Book                    

I love reading and would give about everything a try. I know I can just find names my self, but I have always a hard time to decide what to start reading. And that is were i`m at now. I don´t know what to start reading.

Like I said I will give everything a changes and I do mean everything. Drama, mystery, action, fantasy, flash fiction, fan fiction, science fiction and so on and so on. So everything will go. Have you written something, or you just have fallen in love with a book. Well tell me. Maybe I also will love it.

I love books, and I love to read.

I´m a bookworm and not ashamed of it.




2 comments on “Need Names, book names

  1. My all time favourite author is Diana Gabaldon. Start with Outlander (that’s the American title, It’s Cross-stitch in UK) It is probably also translated into Norwegian. *Phenomenal* series! Of course, you should also read my series! 🙂 The first one, Grace Awakening Dreams, is only 99c as an e-book.

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