A trip to the Parliament

This is the second time in a little under a year that I´m invited to a trip to the Parliament in Norway. So yet again am I going. Last time was december last year. That trip cut a little short, not because of anything that happened in the Parliament at the time. No it was cut a little short because the bus was late. That was the first day a mount of snow fall last year. I really hope that don´t happens this year. Both the trip being cut short and that part about the snow. It´s more then enough that it´s so cold at night that I have to scrape ice of the car when I was going home from work last week.

I mean come on we had a crappy summer weather, and then the winter weather has to start in september. Not fair!


But enough about that.

So I´m going to Oslo and then to the Parliament. There are we going to get something to eat and listen to the politicians from the county I live in. They will probably tell what they do and go in to some of the causes they work on. Last time did we also get a visit from the former Justice Minister, Knut Storberget. Maybe there will be a “surprise” visit this time to.

After all that talk, we will get a little tour around in side the Parliament building.


Now I´m going to pack my work out bag, and after a good work out  will it not be long before I´m on  my way to Oslo.



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