One week

I’ m now done with the first week on the program Easy Life, and I have my first weighing today. I know that I have lost at list little, but i have to say that I’m a little nerves.

Right now am I looking in my book, reading and doing my homework for the week. Yeah I know it’s last minute, but I have been looking at it all week thinking about the answers. The only thing I have not done is putting the pen down and writing on it.

Because that scares me a little. It scares me have little I have been thinking about what to do after I’m done with only using the food I bay from them. It makes me think that I’m not good enough prepared. And I know that it’s way I’m getting help. But hers the thing.
I don’t Iike getting help.
I know it’s not a bad thing. I never think less of people getting help or I don’t ever have a problem to help others. It’s just that my proved gets in the way. This is also something that I have to work with and I know it. But knowing it and doing something about it is to wary different things.


I will maybe tell you have the weighing dose go to you all after, but for now this was it.



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