Not always Easy

It´s not always Easy with Easy Life, but right now I´m really happy about it. I have now lost almost half of what I want to lose. I have now lost 14,2 kilo and that is something I´m really happy about.

The last two weeks has I lost 3,8 kilo. I have to say that I had hoped that it would have been a little bit more, but when I look at the whole picture and see that I have lost 14,2 kilo in total in about six-week. Well then I have nothing to be disappointed in. Because if I may say so, and I will, that is pretty dame good.

But it´s not always easy going to the shakes and the stuff I´m eating. Sometimes is it hard, and special it people say bad thing. It´s not that I need people to see that I have lost wight, but when my friends say stuff like one of my friends said it´s hard. She right out said that she couldn´t see any different. And that´s okay kind of, it´s Okay that she don´t see it, but it´s not okay to say it like that.
I´m not good at seeing stuff like that my self, wight loss, a new hair cut or color and so on. But if I know that someone has lost a few or a lots of kilo, I don´t tell them that I don´t see it. I then I don´t say anything at all.
So I mean that my friend should not had said anything at all, that would have been better.

Some may say that friends should get to say that they don´t see it. But No!, they should not.
I love my friends and I also love the friend that this to me, but right now I feel that our friendship are kind of one-sided.
She say what she want to me, and if I take it the wrong way then I´m the bad one. But if I´m not agreeing with her, well them I´m the bad one. So have is that fair?

If she can say what she means and what she thinks all the time, then why can´t I?

And when I need a helping hand, well then it´s so difficult for her to help me. And the excuse is that she has kids. But when she needs help I have to come running at once. Because I don´t have kids, so I have nothing that stands in the way. It´s like she thinks I don´t have a life.


It should always go bout ways right?
It should be give and take, not give and give so the other one could take and take right?

But enough of that. I should really take a talk with her and fix things, so this is it. I will not bother you guys with this any more.

I will just be happy about my 14,2 kilo light body, and don´t bother about what others say or thinks.



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