In love with a dress

I did just fall in love with this dress.

But even if I really really liked it, I have not bought it. Why you may ask? Well I don´t know if I will like it on my self. Maybe I just like it one the model. So I have to think about it before I buy it.

The ting is also that I have to post-order it. All know what that means, you can´t try it on before you buy it. You get it home and then you have to try it, if it dosen´t fit you have to send it back. But I have to honest I´m not good at sending it back if it don´t sit right, or worse don´t fit.
And there for the second thoughts about buying it.

I have more or less decided to see if any of the stores here has the same or something similar to this dress before I order it. I think that it´s smarter to go this way then to just order this dress.

But I have to say that has a lot of beautiful dresses.



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