On the road



Have A Fever

So I have a fever, so I’m in my bed with my bottle of water. My iPad is keeping me company, I’m reading a lot today. So maybe I should have a fever often, at list then I get to read.

I hat being sick, and to top it of has one of my best-friends birthday to-day and I can’t even visit her. 😦
That is making me feel like a bad friend. Something that’s not funny.

I had so much planed for to-day, but I guess none of that will happen to-day. Sometimes life sucks. The sun is even shinning to-day, just one more thing that I don’t get to enjoy.

So yeah I have a bit of a suck fest here. Something I really shouldn’t. I have a great life and is one lucky chick really, but I just can’t help it to-day and I feel a little sorry fore myself. it’s not like anyone els feel sorry for me. 😦

But I will stop now, or at list I will stop telling you guys about it.


So I send my love form my bedroom to you where ever you are.
tell me where you are now, maybe that will cheer me up?


20 kilo, can you believe it?

So I had a new weighing this week, well it was on monday. So it´s kind of like old news. I didn´t lose more then 1,1 kilo, but I did get to a total of over 20 kilos. Something I think is really, really good. It means that I have lost 20,1 kilo in two months, TWO MONTHS!!! That´s big. Or a lot! 🙂

And the truth is that I was hoping that I would lose that much before november 28, so everything is now a big plus for me.

But I have one problem. I only have one pants that fit me now, and even that one is stating to be a little big. So I have to start shopping soon, but sines I want to lose 10 kilo more I don´t really want to spend too much money on clothes right now. It´s no use when I might not fit them in a month or two. Right?

I have a new weighing tomorrow, but only if I get better. Because right now I don´t feel to well, and if I don´t get any better I will not go to work tomorrow, and if I don´t go to work I want to go to the weighing. Because I have to do a work-out at tomorrows weighing, and if I can´t work, I can´t work-out.

So here to hoping that I get better.



Happy Birthday




She´s the women who inspire me, she´s the one that I can always go to, she´s my rock, she´s my strength, she´s the one that always pushes me to be the best I can be, she´s has always a helping hand, or a shoulder. She is the reason I am who I am today. She is my family, my friend, and my mother.

There is no one like her in the world. And in my world is she number ONE.

Keep going, and always be your self. I love you, and so those so many els.


Christmas is just around the corner.

It´s soon time for the best thing about the winter, Christmas.  

I love all thing Christmascan´t help it.  I have my shopping list for present almost done, and to-day am I going to be a good girl and start my christmas shopping. I have to plan this year sines I´m going to Ireland the first week in december. I would love to do my Christmas shopping there, but sines I only have 10 kilo to have with me on the plain I can’t really do that much shopping. I need my own stuff too.

So I´m doing as much of my Christmas shopping before I go. There is time to do a lot of the shopping after to, but I like to have as much of december free from shopping. That way can I do a lot of home baking. Enjoy my time doing the Christmas three and all the other fun things that are Christmas to me.

As I said Christmas is just around the corner.

I have even started to make my Christmas music list to my iPod and iPhone. Just love it.

So when december comes I´m ready.

There is only one thing that I don´t have done yet and that is buying my self some Christmas movies. I started last year and did then buy a few. This year I want more Christmas movies, but I have a little problem. I don´t really know which one I want. There is so many to pick from. Too many really.  And sins I only a like tree there is a problem picking out just two or three more. So if you have a favorite I would really like to hear which one it is. Maybe that will help me.

But now I´m soon going to start packing my gym bag and go to the gym.



Lip smacker

So I have been shopping to-day as I said in on of my last posts and if you se the tittle of this post you will understand what I bought. LIP SMACKER!

I just love them.


Some of my friends and even my mom says that I shouldn’t bay them.
Because I’m getting older, or because I’m getting older and Lip Smacker are of kids.

Getting older are boring. You can’t do this or that because that’s for kid. But if you have kids you can do it, because of the kids. Kids movies, kids this and kids that.

I go to see kid movies, I do things that are fore kids, it’s just me.
As I said, getting older is boring. So if I do childish thing then maybe I’m not getting older.

But over to the Lip Smacker, did you see them it Disney on them. I just love Disney and that’s another reason to why I just had to get them.

They even had the bigger once and I just love them!
So I had a good day with baying them.


I don’t have a favorite taste, or well I do. I love the Cherry Cola! But I did not bay that on to-day. I have it in the stick , the heart shaped box and in lip gloss to. So yeah that has to be the favorite.

What are your favorite?



This little thing was shown to me at work yesterday, and I was tiered and worn out and could not wait to get home to my bed and sleep. So when one of my co-workers showed me this I laughed, and I laughed long and hard. I don’t know if I think it this funny to day, but ether way I’m showing it to you.

So here we go :


So what do you think. is it funny or was I just to tiered to see that it wasn’t ?



So I have picked up my new glasses to-day. Not that to many know that I already have glasses, I’m not to good at using them. Something that’s not good. 😦

But know I have new once and Hopefully will I be better at using them. Crossing my fingers for that at list.

I have also been shopping a little bit, but before I started to us money to-day was I and did a really tuff work-out. So I have not been spending money to-day.
And now I’m of to work. Have a nice weekend everyone.


Jailhouse Rock

I´m on YouTube and just looking around on random videos and then I so the Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley  and that got me right back to Krakow. Because on our second night there we was on this Karaoke bar and this on guy in our party, the only one that acutely song, this sing this song.

I did not film him singing this song or any of the other songs he did sing. Something he is really happy about, and my co-workers not so happy about. So I´m then doing the second best thing. I´m giving you Elvis Presley singing Jailhouse Rock.

Hope you like it.