19 kilo

I have lost a total of 19 kilo now, and I’m so proved about it to. I just love it.
Last night I think I got the shock of my life, or at list the biggest shock in a wile.

That I have gotten bigger the last five or so years are no news to anyone and at list not to my self. I may have closed my eyes on it for a wile , but I have always known about it.

For a crismast party six years ago did I by my self a pans sut. Even when I bout it was it a little small, but they didn’t have it in a bigger size so I bought it. And sines I have not been getting bigger have the pants not been fitting me for some time now. I didn’t even know that I still had them, but last night when I did go true my closet did I fine them. After some “arguing” with my self did I try them one.

Why the arguing?
Well what if they still didn’t fit? What would that do to me? That could have been a really big downer. So there for did I argue with my self.

But guess what?
I didn’t need to think about it at all. They fit, not only does they fit, but they fit better now then what they did when they where new. So that means that I’m smaller now then what I was for about six years ago.

Talk about a big turn around.

I’m not only smaller then I have been in a wile, I can now say that I’m smaller then what I was six years ago. For me is that kind of big, big news.

And the thing is that I really really like the “new” me.

Last week did I lose 1,9 kilo and the week before that 2,9 kilo. I hope for big numbers this week to, but right now am I getting a little afraid to get my hopes up. Hoping for to much is only going to be self destructing if I get low numbers, but I have to say that I hope on a total wight loss on at list 25 kilo before I go to Dublin December 4. That will say that I want to lose 6 kilo in four weeks. That means that I have to lose a 1,5 kilo at list every week, and that’s a lot. So I’m not to set on that. But hers to hoping.



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