Team Twilight

My sister and I am going to the twilight marathon next week. My guess is that next week the team fight will start-up again.

Team Edward


Team Jacob 

I´m team Edward always has been and always will be. My sister is Team Jacob. She is Team Jacob because of Taylor Lautner, I´m Team Edward because of Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. I will not lie and say that I don´t like the way Robert Pattinson looks and that when I read the twilights books now that I don´t see him as Edward. But if Taylor would have been Edward and Robert been Jacob, I would still have been on Team Edward my sister would not then been Team Jacob.

I´m Team Edward because of have Stephenie Meyer poetry Edward Cullen in the twilight saga and no actor could ever changes that.
My sister not so much, there it´s more Team Taylor.

Witch is okay for me, but when we discos or have the team fight we don´t see eye to eye on anything. But we are sisters and sisters fight, right?

My sister sent me this picture to-day, which is telling me that the “fight” will soon begin.

I had to laugh when I so it, what more can I do. I love my sister.

She´s the cuts ever. No one over, or under, or a side of her. She is the one and only!

*LovE to her and LovE to you*



2 comments on “Team Twilight

  1. I am Team Jacob because Edward is rather whiny. Also, because the guy I married runs several degrees too hot and he drove a red Rabbit when we met! lol Jacob Lautner does not hurt, though. He was a great actor choice and he definitely worked hard to get the body he needed. I appreciate his commitment. New Moon is my favourite of the series, because I can relate to the mental rebuilding. I don’t think first love is the only love, and I don’t think you want it to be frozen like that forever. That’s why I wrote my Grace Awakening series! Ben and Grace have a much more complicated relationship that has gone through many incarnations. Have you ever read Midnight Sun? It’s Twilight from Edward’s perspective. It’s very interesting! You can read the pdf of the book on Stephenie’s website: (It’s a must for everyone on Team Edward). 🙂

  2. Yeah I have read Midnight Sun. As you said It´s a must for everyone Team Edward. Also have read the other the 16 pages long “If you´re Jacob Black.” and my heart goes out for him reading that. It really does, but still I´m Team Edward.
    And as New Moon is your favorite book in the series, it´s the book I like the list.

    But the thing is I don´t know if I want an Edward for my self. Because he´s not for me at all and when it comes to love I don´t really know what I want. LOL.
    I just love the concept of the love between Bella and Edward. So can people discus have healthy or unhealthy it really is. I don´t really care.


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