20 kilo, can you believe it?

So I had a new weighing this week, well it was on monday. So it´s kind of like old news. I didn´t lose more then 1,1 kilo, but I did get to a total of over 20 kilos. Something I think is really, really good. It means that I have lost 20,1 kilo in two months, TWO MONTHS!!! That´s big. Or a lot! 🙂

And the truth is that I was hoping that I would lose that much before november 28, so everything is now a big plus for me.

But I have one problem. I only have one pants that fit me now, and even that one is stating to be a little big. So I have to start shopping soon, but sines I want to lose 10 kilo more I don´t really want to spend too much money on clothes right now. It´s no use when I might not fit them in a month or two. Right?

I have a new weighing tomorrow, but only if I get better. Because right now I don´t feel to well, and if I don´t get any better I will not go to work tomorrow, and if I don´t go to work I want to go to the weighing. Because I have to do a work-out at tomorrows weighing, and if I can´t work, I can´t work-out.

So here to hoping that I get better.




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