Happy New Year

A Happy New Year from me to all of you.


And I just have to show off my cute charmer of a boy to night. Love this charmer.


He has a big place in my heart.
Love him so.



I knew you were trouble – Taylor Swift

I really really like this song, but I don´t really like the music video. I don´t really like all the talking Taylor dose at the beginning of the video, I understand it, but I don´t like it.

Other then that, I can´t put my finger on what I don´t like. I think that it´s not what I had pictured in my own head or something. It´s kind off not Taylor, I get it she´s trying out something different. But I have to say that I don´t like it.

So I have now said that I don´t like this video a “few” times, but I like the song and therefore am I going to share the video.

So what do you think? 
Do you like it?



Work, work, work.

Yeah that´s what my weekend looks like.

Form tomorrow at 07:00 to sunday 23:00 am I going to work 24 hours. Three shifts eight hours each. Not looking forward to that. Not at all.
But I am looking forward to pay day. LOL!

So maybe I will sleep all of New Years Eve.


But I hope not. That would be a waist of a perfectly good day, and night.

So I will have a boring weekend. A weekend with work,sleep, work, sleep, work and then some more sleep. The only problem is that I should have a work-out put in there as well, don´t know have I will make that. I need two more work-outs before january 2. and the gym are closed January 1. so there is not many more days to take of.

three day, two work a outs. that means that I have to put a work-out in to may 16 hours that I have off from work, in the next two days.

The next two days have too few hours. But I will make it work, I have to.

So I have now told you about my boring weekend, now tell me about you exciting one?


This should have mom’s Christmas gift


They are so cute and would have been the perfect gift to my mom.

Because my mom collect cow things. And now it’s harder and harder to get things with cows on.
But she dose not have this one. There is just one problem I don’t have room in my suitcase. Not happy about that, burly that is life.

Still loving Dublin, and have a few more days to enjoy it.



Okay, so I in Dublin right and some how have I been named the one to speak most to get help. why is that?
Yeah that would I like to know as well.

It think it has to do with the fact that I read and write a lot of English this days and because of that am I suppose to be the better of us four to talk as well. If that’s true or not I’m not sure about.

But over to what this is really about.

This goes out to all you English talking people out there!

Do you really use the word duvet?

I have to ask because I have never heard that word before, and I was down at the lobby of the hotel to ask if they did have an extra blanket. I just the word blanket because I did not know the English word fore “dyne“, it’s what it’s named in norwegian.

So later, more or less right now, did I google it and found the word duvet. So do you use it or do you use something els. I’m just wondering.

But now am I going to sleep, it’s my first night here in Dublin and I have only been here a few hour ,but so fare dose I like it.