lost 22,9 kilo

Yeah, so I´m still getting smaller. I have now a total weight loss at 22,9 kilo. I had hoped that I would have lost closer to 25 kilo by know, but I´m happy eater way. And I had a start goal on a weight loss around 20-30 kilo by summer 2013, and I´m over 20 kilo so I should be more happy and pleased with my self then what I really am.

So I just have to go deep in to my self and find that happiness.

I have now over seven months to reach my new goal that are around 32 kilo. So from starting on 20-30 kilo to actually  see that I can make 32 kilo by summer 2013 are really huge for me. But back to what I have written in my contract with my self does it still stand 20-30 kilo by September 12 2013. So in one way can I say that I am already there.


I have a new weighing on monday, so I have a little hope that maybe I can reach 25 kilo by then, but the will mean that I have to lose 2,1 kilo this week. I have to say that I think that is a lot.

But over to the eating part of this program. Until now have I just been eating the food (shakes, and bars) that are in this program, but for three days now have I been taking away one of the shakes and replacing that with normal food. So I´m now in the proses of going back to normal food. This is that part of the program that I have been a bit afraid of. It´s easy to just eat the food they give you, now I have to pick what to eat my self and I don´t want to gain any weight so I´m a little scared of this. But they are helping me along the way and giving me the tools to make the right decisions.

So today am I going to eat Mc Donald’s.

Just kidding. I´m not that stupid. I´m not going to ruin my good trend just so I can eat Mc Donald´s. Yes, I do miss it some times, but not so much that I´m going to blow my changes by lose all the weight  I want to just so I can eat that kind of junk food. I have learned my lesson, I hope!



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