Chai Latte


This weekends friend outing, a good cup of Chai Latte in the town I’m born in but dosen’t live in.



Old twitters

So I´m looking over my some of my old twitters and this really cut my eyes. It´s so simple and so true. And what I really love about it to is that it´s a quote from a cartoon. That in my eyes makes it so much cuter than it maybe had been if it was from some where els. But what do I know.
Read it and tell me what you think.




I lost 1,8 kilo

I´m getting closer and closer to my goal. In a year I wont to lose 30 kilo. Now four months and two weeks later have I lost  total of 28,4 kilo.

So I have to say that I´m a little proud of my self.
Now I have to lose 1,6 kilo, and that hopefully before february 11. That´s my last weighing before I´m going to London, and I really really hope that I have lost all 30 kilo before then.


But now will also the biggest job start, the job that it is to hold my weight down. To get my body to stay at the weight I want to be in. I´m also scared that I will gain all and a little more over a little period of time.

Weight is not funny, not funny at all. 



Who is this?


Well that’s me!

Not that I believe that. After losing all the wight I have, I have problems with recognizing myself. If I don’t see my eyes it’s like that person could be anyone. It could have been you.
Some I have talked to about that just laugh at me, and thinks that I’m joking. The thing is that I’m not. It’s just that my head don’t get that I have lost all the wight that I have lost.

Some days, if I have a bad day, I look at myself and see myself just the way I was. Happily that don’t happens often anymore.

So I just have to say that from now on when someone tell me that they have problems with this or that I will never laugh or think what a stupid think to have problems with. Because I now knows what that’s feels likes and that don’t feel right.

So if anyone has ever had that feeling after talking to me about a problem well then I’m truly sorry. I now know the hurt I can have put on you and for that I’m truly sorry.
I’m more sorry then some of you can know, and I hope that I have not put a damper on your trust in me, and I really hope that you don’t think any less of me.

And just to put it out there, I don’t think any less of the people that has done it to me.
Well because if you are one of the people I have told this to before and if I have had that feeling, well then I have explained why I have that problem. So they have then gotten an understanding about why I feel the way I do.

But happily because I have the good friends and family I have, they have and still are helping me to get true this. They help me with things to do, and they hear me when I talk. For that will i for always be great full about.

I can just hope that I’m that helpful when some of them need someone to talk to.

So to everyone that has helped me and are helping me, and to all of you that take you time reading this I send my love out to all of you.


Guess what?

I’m going to London!!!!


Okay so know I said that I hoped I could fit in a trip to London this year as well, and that I am.
My first trip this year are actually going to London. Don’t really know have that happened, but I’m now sitting here and looking for hotels and flight times.

One of my friends told me that she was going to London Monday to Friday in week seven. Then it just popped in to my head that, Hey I’m of work that week. So I kindly invited my self to go with her and her family to London.

I’m sad to say that I don’t have the time to be there all the days they are going to bee there, but I’m at list going.

So for the most times right now my head is going

London baby, London.

I have said that I believe in love at first sight. Do you want to know why?
Because of London.
The first time I flu over London I knew that this is the city for me. It was Love at first sight.

I don’t know if the city loves me back , but it has never done anything to get me to change my mind.

So I going to London.
Oxford Street Big Ben Tower of LondonSoho China town Notting Hill Hyde Park Peter Pan Camben Marked and so on and so on and so on….


1,4 kilo, a total of 26,6 kilo

I have just been on this years first weighing, and even if it has been Christmas and I have been eating some (not much) candy I have still lost a little. And that I´m happy about. Not the candy part, but the losing weight part.

So  have a goal that´s losing 30 kilo before September 10 2013. Because September 10 2013 is the date that I have been doing this weight losing program a year. So I have now only 3,4 kilo left. So because I have lost so much already have I a long period of time to lose the rest. Because now am I going more and more over to “normal” food, and off the Very Low Calorie shakes.

This is the hard part. Normal food means more fat, calories, and everything els.

Now I have to find out a normal life with food, so I don´t put on the weight I have lost. Because that´s not what I want. I will never be so big that I was ever again. So this will be a huge fight with between my self and my body.

I have lost 1,4 kilo over Christmas and a week before. That means a total weight loss of 26,6 kilo. 
Got to love it!


Kiss You by One Direction

My new work-out song.

I have this one thing in one of my work-out routines where I work against the clock. When I do that it´s important that I have a song with a good rhythm and it usually goes on repeat to I´m done. The goal is to do the routine faster every time. But enough about that.

The new song I´m using is Kiss You by One Direction. I needed to change song. If I have one song to long it want help any more.

So any way here’s the song if you have not heard it before, or if you want to hear it again.


A new year

A new year is here and that means a whole new year with new possibilities. So what do you have planed to do this year?

2013 new year sparkler

I´m going to travel a little bit. Have some trips planed more planed that others. I have months on the once that are more planed than the others. But the others are just “we´re going one a trip” planed. No more planed than that.

The places I´m going to this year are for the most part places I have already been.

  • Kiel, Germany, twice of things are going as planed.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Krakow, Poland
  • A place warm. No location yet, none at all.

If I get my money together I will find a way to go to ether London England or Paris France.  Never been to Paris so I think that´s the place I would like to travel to, but on the other hand does I really love London.  Don´t know what it´s about London, but it was like love at first sight.

Other then traveling I have a wight goal, I have 4,8 more kilo that I want to lose. So that´s what I´m going to lose this year. And according to the “contract” that I have with my self are I going to lose those before september 10. After that are the goal to not gain any more.

I´m not going to say that I will at list  work-out this or that many hours in the week. Because that have to fit in with my work and travel plans. So that will just be what it will be.

So I have nat made that many plans for this year. But I still can´t wait to see what it will bring.

Have you made some plans this year that you just cant wait for?
I know I have.