Who is this?


Well that’s me!

Not that I believe that. After losing all the wight I have, I have problems with recognizing myself. If I don’t see my eyes it’s like that person could be anyone. It could have been you.
Some I have talked to about that just laugh at me, and thinks that I’m joking. The thing is that I’m not. It’s just that my head don’t get that I have lost all the wight that I have lost.

Some days, if I have a bad day, I look at myself and see myself just the way I was. Happily that don’t happens often anymore.

So I just have to say that from now on when someone tell me that they have problems with this or that I will never laugh or think what a stupid think to have problems with. Because I now knows what that’s feels likes and that don’t feel right.

So if anyone has ever had that feeling after talking to me about a problem well then I’m truly sorry. I now know the hurt I can have put on you and for that I’m truly sorry.
I’m more sorry then some of you can know, and I hope that I have not put a damper on your trust in me, and I really hope that you don’t think any less of me.

And just to put it out there, I don’t think any less of the people that has done it to me.
Well because if you are one of the people I have told this to before and if I have had that feeling, well then I have explained why I have that problem. So they have then gotten an understanding about why I feel the way I do.

But happily because I have the good friends and family I have, they have and still are helping me to get true this. They help me with things to do, and they hear me when I talk. For that will i for always be great full about.

I can just hope that I’m that helpful when some of them need someone to talk to.

So to everyone that has helped me and are helping me, and to all of you that take you time reading this I send my love out to all of you.



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