no, No, NO!!!

I have been doing so great in my weight losing program , Easy Life. That was on till this monday.
I actully had red numbers, RED. I had gained some. Not much, but still. I had gained.

0,2 Kilo!


I hope that this is not something that will happen a lot. I know that the body dosen´t always weigh the same, so to go up en down a few kilo are okay. But not know, not yet.

Still have 1,8 kilo I want to lose and hopefully before February 12.

That´s my dream. Maybe I will make it, maybe I want.

I have to say that I really really hope I make it.
Or els London want I hoped it would be.

It will be the same but I will feel like I´m cheating. Because a trip to London was supose to be my gift my self when I had made my goal.

So I have that my next weighing will be much better it was this monday. And I really hope that it will be a green number. I don´t think I can take one more weighing with red numbers.




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