A movie day

Or maybe not just a movie day, but a movie marathon. And what have I been watching today?

Well here are some clues:

So yeah Ice Age 1,2,3 and 4 have all been in my Blu-ray player today. I love those movies, but even so it´s seems that I have never gotten around to actually buy them, well on till now. Lovely.

Have seen them all on the big screen, and at my friends places and stuff. But it felt right to actually have them in my own collection.

Walk the Dinosaur and We are Family are two lovely songs both in their own way. The rhythm makes them both a good dancing song.

But once again has it come to the part of the day where I have to say good night and sweet dream.




Shooting Star by Owl City

The last few days have I been listening a lot to Owl Citygot to love Spotify. Therefor will I share a song (video) with you.

So here you have Shooting Stars. 

I hope you enjoyed it, I know I did.

Well now I have to pack my over night bag, traveling to Göteborg on a work trip in the morning. Looking forward to that.

So all I have to say right now is Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

*Love you all*

Missed Me?

Well life keeps trowing things at me, and I know that I can update from my iPhone and Ipad. But a head filled with so much stuff that shouldn´t be on a blog, it´s kind of hard to just post something. Not everything in life is fit to be on the net and as of right now one of the few things that has be would be going on repeat.

  • Working
  • Go to a meeting
  • Working out.

Because sadly that´s what my life has been about for the most part. I have updated on instagram, and tweeter some times, so of you fallow me there as well you might have seen what I have been up to.

So now I´m going to get my shit together and post more regularly. If only a picture of something I´m doing, a song I have listened to a lot that day, something stupid that I have done or said (and believe me I say and do things that you wouldn´t believe.), post about a book or movie I just seen.

I´m back and I will really try to be better.

Did you know that I have been to London, England sines the last time I posted?
I have even gotten a new job, been to Göteborg, Sweden. So in reality I should have been posting a little, but I haven´t and for that I´m sorry. All I can do now is to try to do better.

From my computer to yours a lot of love.