I work out?


I’m taking control over my life that way!
and I love it!!

Why do you work out?


Hunger Games

Harry Potter is done, twilight is done, so now it´s all about Hunger Games.


The first movie is over and done, so now am I waiting for Catching Fire. So when I so this title on YouTube I just had to watch;
Hunger Games; Catching Fire Promo Trailer

But that was a waste of time. Just look for your self:

What do you think?


22 by Taylor Swift

Ok so the “new” Taylor Swift video 22 are out, and have been out for almost a month now.

Have you seen it?

If not here it is.

I like that she is back to a more “classic” Taylor Swift style. I did´t like her video I Knew You Were Trouble. Love to song, “hated” the video.
Here it´s more a Love/Love thing.

I get that she wanted to try something new with I Knew You Were Trouble, but I have to say that in my eyes she tried and failed. So I´m so happy that this video are more her regular style. The style I really like that she does, it´s a style that I think fit her perfectly.

What do you think?



On the road again

I have had one night home in my own bed and its almost a week sines last time. But I’m back on the road again. This time am I going to Haugesund. Never been there before so I’m looking forward to it.

But first I’m I going to the airport and I’m on my way there now.
Not much to look at, but here’s a poc