Here I am

To day am I back at my old school.
It’s always a bit weird to back here.

It’s like I never left, but stille like it’s so different!

My sister is getting her diploma today. So proved of her.
She has even gotten in to the school she wanted.

Can’t say have proved I am of her.


So now I have to go, it’s soon starting.
Love it.



A evening walk

I’m soon going to bed, but I had to go out for a walk first. Just had to much energy to go to sleep.


As I’m walking its getting darker and darker. Have to say that I don’t like the way this looks.

Is our sunny weather going to end?


Really hope that what ever is in the sky right now is gone by tomorrow.


Summer and work

When you work weekends and all kind off hours of the day you have to make the best out of it.
And between work and work-outs there’s not always that many hours left out of the day. So what are a girl to do when it’s summer and the sun is shining?

Well you wake up really really early and start the day out with a work out. Have your beach bag packed in the car and go strait from the gym to the beach.

Enjoy the sun and the beach for two hours before it’s back to the car and strait to work.

Sound stress full?
I think so.

But what are a girl to do.
I live in Norway and you never know when the sun will go in to hiding again.
So I will enjoy it when I can.


I’m now at the beach and I truly am enjoying it.
The alarm will go of when I have to get going. That means that I’m now going to close my eyes and just relax.



Italy! Milan!

Don´t really know what happened. One minute I think am going to Paris, but the next I got plane tickets and a hotel room in Milan.

Not that I´m disappointed that I´m going to Milan, Italy. Because I´m really not. Can´t wait in fact. It´s just that I was so sat on finely getting to see Paris. Maybe next year.

I was all for going to Paris with my sister this summer, but after talking to her and some other people that changed. Summer, sun, big city and shopping was what we suddenly was going for and then Milan was what we ended up with.

The only problem is that I know next to nothing about Milan, because if I was going to Italy I always thought I would go to Rome.

So now I have a hole lot of googling to do. I know that the hotel is not far from Dome, and from what I hear that is a good location. So here’s to hoping that it´s true.

There a little more than a month to I´m packing my bag and passport again.
Truly can’t wait.

So I can´t wait for my first meeting with Italy, but my first meeting with France has to wait.

Have you ever been to Italy?


Everything Has Changed

I`m more a fan of Taylor Swifts more upbeat songs. Songs like, I knew you were trouble , We are never getting back together and Stay stay stay.
It´s has nothing to do that the slower song are bad or anything, its´s just who I am. I like songs I can dance to, songs that I kind of gets happy about listening to. So there is nothing wrong with Everything has changedit will just never be my favorite. 

But I really like to music video and that is the reason I´m sharing it with you.
It´s just so dame cute.

Do you like the video?



Wreck it Ralph

Got it in the mail today and I have just wached it. There´s not much to say about other then that I LOVED IT.

I have a soft spot for the Disney Classic and I have them all, so every time there´s a new classic out there I got to have it. Don´t love everyone, but there´s something about getting to say that I have them all. If you get what I say. But this one, this one I love.

Got teary eyes, laughs and all the things that I fell like a Disney Classic should have.

So if you haven´t seen it you really should.

Here you have Owl City with the song When Can I See You Again.

Hope you have seen Wreck it Ralph or that you will see it. Because I really enjoyed it.



As good as summer gets


It looks warm and it looks like the summer really have come to Norway.
And we’ll in a way it has, it’s summers as its known in Norway.

The sun comes and goes, and so those the rain and warm.

So one minute it’s warm and good the next it’s, colder and raining.

Summer in Norway is a big question mark to me about what to wear?

Is it to hot for pants and a top? Or can I finely use my shorts or skirts?

You never know, and sometime you don’t know before you are out the door, and then your stuck with what you are wearing.

But hey “you live in Norway”


no No NOOO

So not happy about this:


Every thing on my MacBook is about to be deleted.
Every picture, every song, every little thing.
My MacBook is around five years old give or take a few months, so there is a lot of history that I’m saying goodbye to right now.

But on the plus side, maybe my MacBook will be better now.
Because the last few months it has not been good to be. It has not wanted to do what I wanted it to do.

So I’m a lot sad about some of the things that are getting deleted right now, but I’m a little bit happy if this is the one thing that will get it to work again. But if it still doesn’t work after this I will get really mad.

After all this I hope I have learned a lesson, back up. Back up my work, and my pictures. Luckily a lot of my pictures are on also in my Facebook account, so not everything are lost.

So remember to Back-up your…. Well everything that are important to you.

From me to you m, even if I’m a little frustrated right now