A Bob Feller Quote

“Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again. That’s the way life is, with a new game every day, and that’s the way baseball is.”

Bob Feller, Pitcher, 1918.



Right now I feel…..


That is have I feel a lot now a days.
BUT and there is a big BUT, I don’t really know have to go left. Have to changes direction.

Some times I just want to pack up everything and just go.
Don’t know where I want to go, or what I want to do there. Have ever I do know that I want to do something new, something different.

But until I find out what I want to do, and have to go left, I will just have to suck it up.



logo_6cmGod be with us.

That is what the Town´s Shield says. This shield is for the town I live in.  On top it´s the name of the town, Halden. In the middle it the year the town was founded. And at that bottom it says as I written earlier God be with us.

It´s a bit different from the town shield that I have lived in earlier. Not saying that that´s a bad thing. Maybe I will show you them an other day.




The Fox by Ylvis

okay, sorry everyone but I just have to share this song (YouTube video) with you.

Someone loves it, someone hates it and someone just think the whole thing is weird. Me my self, well I don´t really know what to say, think or do with this. So therefore am I sharing it with you. Many has seen it, and maybe your one of them.

Some might think why share it when you don´t know what you think about it your self?

Well that´s easy, Ylvis is from Norway, and it has been out on YouTube for about two weeks and has been seen more than  36 000 000 times. That´s not something that´s happening every day. So that´s a little cool, even if I think it´s a little weird.

So here’s the song:

Now that you have seen it tell me what you think? Pleas?


Send me a smile

Everyone has a beautiful smile. A smile that we should share more often.
And do you know what I have noticed, and I know others have to, that if you send a smile to someone they often send on back.

So smile more, because just your smile could make a different to someone els.


So keep on smiling, show the world your smile. In the picture over you can see some of my smiles.

So now that I have shown you my smile, why not show me your’s?
Post a link or something, or tag me on Instagram, or somewhere els. If I have an account then my name is Siwisnuppa same as here.


A nice day


Today have been a nice day, the sun has been shining and warm.
My pink glasses has been doing there work today and kept the sun out if my eyes.

The picture was taken when I was in Askim with my brother earlier, I was his driver today. Have to help family!

And that’s what puts me here at my cousins home. He needed a sitter for his lovely boy Linus, so that he could play some hockey. So here I sit alone. Well not alone Linus is here, but he sleeps. but even so I love them both and my cousin deserves to play the game he love so, and as i said earlier you got to help family. So when that is said i have to say that my cousin has always been more like a big brother then a cousin. Which means that there is nothing I would not do for him. Well nothing that is legally that is.


Can you guess what’s his favorite movie?

He has the helmet, the driving suit on and is standing on a little skateboard with Lightning McQueen on.

So I hope you see what I see when I see him. That he is the coolest kid in town.


80´s party

So I have just been invited to a 80´s party. Can´t wait for the part, even if it is a month away. There is just one problem.

What to wear??

That is a problem even if your going to a no dress code party. But now I have to come up with some kind of 80´s costume. I really like some of the stuff from the 80´s. Specially the over done look. If you know what i mean. All the necklaces, bracelets, leg-warmers, arm-warmers and so on and so on. Love it!!

Have ever I know which color I think will be most me. The safe once white and black, and then there is the color that is just a must when it´s me we are talking about, figured it out? Pink!!!

So if its sunny I have the sun-glasses.

1004763_10201334446141098_256545797_nLove this glasses. I have been looking for this kind of heart-shaped pink glasses for a wail, so I was so happy when I found them this summer when I was in Milan. So I just had to have them. Then funniest  thing is when I come home and was meeting my friends they were all like; that´s so you. 

But back to the 80´s team. I can´s show up with a par of glasses and nothing els. The police would arrest me before I even was at the party.

So I hope I will find some inspiration on the internet. As I said it´s a month to the party so I have at list some time. And if I don´t find anything where I live, I will just have to take a trip to Oslo. It´s so long sines I have been there anyway.




Have to say that if I was to pick inspiration from one of this it had to be the on in the middle that would have been the one. The other “girl” one is not something I would be feeling okay in.

But I have about three week to come up with something and then a week to find the stuff in the stores.

Now have ever it´s time for some sleep. Need some ZZZzzzZZZ.


My summer

What has been the best of this summer???

Well that´s a tough one. There has been so much good things about it.

One of my best-friends got married. I want to Italy for the first time. Boat trip with my Grandma. Long Summers night with friends. The beach. I was in Kristiansand, at ZOO there. Loved it, and in a weird way I think that was my favorite thing this summer.


Tiger at Kristiansand Zoo

Tiger at Kristiansand Zoo

Because I have never been there before, and when I was little I so wanted to go there. It´s an amazing zoo the biggest in Norway and is the second most visited place in Norway by tourists.
Beside this amazing Zoo, there is also some stories that comes a live there.

Kardemomme By in Kristiansand Zoo

Kardemomme By in Kristiansand Zoo

You can visit Kardemome by, one of my favorite stories growing up. I can still remember my Grandma reading that story to, and that on Saturdays at 18:00 my brother, cousin and I watch it on TV. So seeing that houses, and the story come alive around me was great fun.

The Black Lady

Captain Sabertooth´s boat.

But what I can really remember and was the biggest by fare was Captain Sabertooth (Kaptein Sabeltann) the night show. I can’t remember the first time I wanted to see it. It´s something that every child in where I did grow up wanted to see. And I know, I know, I know, I´m not a child anymore, but I have never gown out of it.
It was just a really great childhood dream coming true this summer, and I enjoyed it really much.

So yeah that has to be my favorite this year. Not saying that Italy wasn´t great or that any of the other things was bad. But this trip with my mom, sister and her boy-friend was just something I can remember that I always wanted to do.

That is a bit of my summer. Or at list about my favorite thing this summer. And just so you know, its getting colder here. So the winter is just around the corner for me. Brrrrr. Can almost feel it.

So to help me worm up, can´t you tell me about your favorite anything that has to do with summer??
Please, Pretty please!!