Three days

Three days is nothing, and three days with the traveling is even lesser.

Three days is what I will have in London, this time around. THREE DAYS.
That is absolutely nothin, nothing I tell you.

I have been in London before, but there is still so much to see, so much to do. And therefor are a lot of my time used to checking out maps, whit what do I want to do this time.

Have will I get to do everything I want to????

The days don’t have enough hours in them, I do not get to do everything, so have do I pick what I want to do now, and what I can do next time. The big problem is that, the more times I’m in London, the more I learn about London. And the more it is so see down there.

So I go from one web page to the other and back and fort to the tube map. That is close, what is fare away, if I do this what is closes to this place and so on and so on.

Luckily is it just a few weeks till I’m going because I changes my mind ten times a day. So luckily I will at list remember where some of the places I want to visit are and that I want get lost.

And I hope I will remember to by the one thing my uncle want for his birthday.


But I LOVE it.

Can’t wait to go. I even have a count down, on my cell and the colander on work. LOL!



Traveling…. Again

I’m on my way to the airport. I’m not going far, and I’m staying in Norway this time. Im just going to Stavanger.

Well it’s not a just, because I have never bin there before.

It’s a work trip with the Union. So I’m looking forward to a weekend with a lot of Union talk and to learn a lot.

But I have to say that I would rather sleep right now then be in this car. Luckily are we soon at the airport and then I will get some breakfast and a new cup of coffee. I really need a new cup of coffee.

What are you doing this weekend?



The fall is here

There is no doubt the fall is here. The leaves has started to fall and when I see a lot of leaves on the ground I just want to be a kid again.

Playing in the falling leaves. Jumping, throwing, and everything els we just to do.

Miss being a kid sometimes.



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Don’t like this…

… I don’t like this at all!


The summer is over.
have dose I know that?

Well look at the picture over, it’s ice on the front of my car. Not happy about that at all!

But know am I going home a to get some sleep sines I have been working all night.

So good morning if you just stood up.
Sweet dreams, if you are like me and are going to bed.