A Friends Quote

“Oh my God. I’ve become my father. I’ve been trying so hard not to become my mother, I didn’t see this coming.”

– Rachel Green, Friends. ~Jennifer Joanna Aniston



2 comments on “A Friends Quote

  1. I remember that episode! She was teaching Joey to sail. She shouted, “Greens don’t quit!” and Joey replied, “I’m not a Green, I’m a Tribiani! Tribianis quit all the time!” and she responded with your quote. I’m glad to be like my father. But I’m scarily like my mother, too. How about you?

    • I’m my mothers daughter there’s no denying that. It’s in the way I’m like a person. But I’m not as social as my mom. Mom likes the spotlight, I don’t. That I have form my father.

      So I have a little of them bout in me, and that’s something I really like. Because I have so much respect for them both, and to know that I have some of the qualities in me, that I respect them for, warms my heart and get me through when things are though.

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