Today I’m watching


I’m taking a day to just be me, so I have put in a DVD from the TV-show FRIENDS and taking on a face-mask and hair-mask. Because I’m spoiling myself today.

What are you doing to day?



3 comments on “Today I’m watching

  1. mucking about on google+ and working in between.

    I get why Friends is popular but don;t you find some of its humour a bit predictable like “oh that couldn’t possibly happen” and 5s later it happens, kind of typically American style !

    • Yeah it’s a typical American TV-show, but I have to say that that’s one of the reasons I love it so.
      First and foremost I can just relaxes and let my brain take a mini vacation.
      And it one of the TV-show I grew with. Every Monday after dance practice and come home to se the new episode of FRIENDS.

      We even had our own smelly cat dance. Me and dance partner at the time made it up. So have a lot of good memories when it comes to FRIENDS.

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