My weekend


One weekend three movies

Thor: The Dark World, that was the Fridays movie.

The Hunger Game: Catching Fire, on Saturday.

And to round up this weekend a Norwegian Christmas movie Solan og Ludvig: Jul i Flåklypa (Solan and Ludvig: Christmas in Flåklypa)

Love all three movies.



At home

“Borte bra, men hjemme best.”

It´s a saying in Norway, in translate it goes something like this Away is good, but home is better

So I like traveling and I love London, but it’s always good to cone home. And after sleeping a night at my moms couch it’s even better to come home to my own couch and bed.

A like traveling, seeing new places, seeing stuff that I don’t see everyday and it’s not that I miss home when I’m out traveling, but it’s alway good to be home.

My home here in Norway, Østfold, Halden. But this time I had a night in Sarpsborg before I got to Halden.


But now that I’m home I have to do a thing I’m really not a fan of, packing out from the suitcase.
So that is have I’m spending my night, oh who am I kidding, I’m going to put on a film and then go to sleep, the suitcase is not going anywhere.


Why London?


At work yesterday did i get the question on why I was traveling to London again.

My answer was easy. I like London.
Then again did I get the question Why?

This I could not answer as easy, because I dont really know why I do, I just do.
So I have been think about that sines I got home from work and to now. The thing is that I still don’t know. I just like me here, yes Im in London right know. the plain landed for like a hour ago.

I like that you can go to the same place with just a day in-between and there is something different, new or just a little thing that you over looked. I like that its so big, that even thou I go to the same city I find new places to see.

I like have different it is from any city we have at home.

I just feel in love with it the first time I landed in London, and got on a bus to go to Birmingham.

It was for many years a childhood dream to come here and when I fainelly got her I just cant let it go. Its always so fare away, but still so close.

So close in fact that its my second time here this year.

Is it a city you just cant get enough of? Please please tell me.


Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day


I would love to say that I have been this perfect daughter and has been with my dad all day, and given him this really great present.
Sadly thats as fare from the truth at you will get.

– I have not seen him at all to day.
– I have not given him any present what so ever.
– I don’t even have a present for him at all.
– All he got was a stinking text with the words (“gratulerer med farsdagen :-)”) Happy Father’s Day.

I know, I know, Im not a good daughter.

But at list Im telling it to the world, not just to my self.

So now Im asking you, What do you do to celebrate Father’s Day?

And with that will I just tell you all that I really do LOVE my dad!
Even if I don’t make a big deal out of Father’s Day.

And i do blame my parents for that, we never made a big deal out of it when we were kids ether.


Vampire Diaries, and sick

I’m home sick, not much fun in that. But I got Vampire Diaries season 4 in the mail to day, so at list I get to enjoy that.

I love that.


Looking at movies when I’m sick is one of the best thing to do. Well at list it gets the time to go.

what do you “enjoy” to do when your sick?