Why London?


At work yesterday did i get the question on why I was traveling to London again.

My answer was easy. I like London.
Then again did I get the question Why?

This I could not answer as easy, because I dont really know why I do, I just do.
So I have been think about that sines I got home from work and to now. The thing is that I still don’t know. I just like me here, yes Im in London right know. the plain landed for like a hour ago.

I like that you can go to the same place with just a day in-between and there is something different, new or just a little thing that you over looked. I like that its so big, that even thou I go to the same city I find new places to see.

I like have different it is from any city we have at home.

I just feel in love with it the first time I landed in London, and got on a bus to go to Birmingham.

It was for many years a childhood dream to come here and when I fainelly got her I just cant let it go. Its always so fare away, but still so close.

So close in fact that its my second time here this year.

Is it a city you just cant get enough of? Please please tell me.



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