Let it Go, Idina Menzel

I have already shared Demi Lovato´s version of the song Let it go so now it´s Idina Menzel´s turn. So here you go Idina Menzel with Let it go

I really just love this version to. Love it, love it, love it.

*WarminG LovE*


Frozen, Disney

I have a soft spot for Disney and now soon there is a new Disney movie to see at the theater, Frozen.

For many people the movie is already out there, but here in Norway the movie is not to be seen before Christmas Day and I for one can´t wait. This means that I will have a good breakfast/lunch/brunch at my Grandma´s house with all my family and relatives on my mother’s side before I´m going to the theater.


I just can´t wait to se the movie. I really like the songs to the movie and listen to them often. If I´m not listening to Christmas songs I listen to songs from Frozen. I´m just loving it. The Christmas songs as well as the songs from Frozen. Because I really love this time a year. Christmas decorations, Christmas shopping (only three left), baking Christmas cookies and everything els that belongs to Christmas.

But back to the movie and all that. I´m just a little kid inside when it comes to this new Disney movie. Want to here more, see more, wishing I live in one of the countries that can already see it. Because I just can´t wait.

So have you seen it?
If so did you like it?

Heres Demi Lovato´s verson of the song “Let it go”:

I just love this song.

*ChristmaS LovE*