A gift

Got this great sparkling necklace from my uncle today.

what do you think?


Never to old for a sparkling necklace.
A little sparkles in your day, will make it a more fantastic day.
Safe to say that I always tray to put some sparkles on every day.
The only shame is that I’m not allowed to just them at work.

But over to the necklace. There is just one thing to say:




2014, have will you be?


We are now 11 days in to 2014, and the last few years have I by now known about my summer plans. This year I don’t.

All I know right know is some meetings I’m attending the next 30 days or so.

So this is a bit weird!

I know this year will be a bit different.
Different because if things goes as I want them to, well then I will become the secretary in the Union at my work place. Something that I think will be fun and full of surprises and new challenges. And a new challenge is always good.
We just have to wait to the annual meeting, that’s when I ether will be clapped in or maybe someone will go up against me and nominee them self or some one els.

So if it goes that way, well then I will suddenly be sitting at a desk one day in the week.
I have never see my self as the desk girl.

Other than that I can just hope that I will travel as much as I did in 2013, or hopefully more.

I don’t even have to travel fare just around in Norway or across the border to Sweden and a bit around there. Not like Strömstad, because that dose not go under traveling.

So well I hope that my family and friends will be there with me this year as the years before this. I hope that they will be happy and healthy and that everything will be just fantastic when we are together.

So what plans, hope and wishes do you have fore 2014?

So best wishes, may all you hopes and dreams come true this year.