On my way home again

After four hours in Kiel are we back on the cruse again.
I have done a little shopping and of once I did not shop much, but there is still the Tax-Free one the cruse left. So maybe I will shop there to day.

The food last night was good and someone borrowed my phone to take a picture of some of the deserts.


We also have a view this time around. Loving that.


And sines I’m on a cruse the view changes all the time.

But now I have to get back to my friends so enjoy your day, I know I will enjoy mine.

* Sending my love you way*



Did you know that I hate packing. I HATE IT!

It`s kind of weird that one of the Things i LOVE is traveling and what does traveling leads to, well packing. Packing that dame suitcase.

So now the clock is 2:30 AM her and I have to be in my car at 09:00 AM, and there is like Three Things in my suitcase right now. That means that in lees then six and a half hour I have to be done packing, have slept and showered and get ready for the day to come.

The worst part is that I would not have been this bad of it`s had it not been for my shopping trip to Nordby, Sweden.

I had to go there to shop because it`s was a holiday her in Norway and not one shop was open. I could have planed better, but if you know me you would now that planing is not one of my strong Points.

I did say I did some shopping right just look here:

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Been doing some #shopping to day. #Nordby #glitter

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Therefor am I here bitching, when I should ether be packing or sleeping.

I just had to get this of my chest and I` m now going to sleep so good night.

 *Sending my love Your way*



Kiel, Germany.

Friday I`m going to Kiel, Germany. We`re seven friends that`s going, we are going on a two days cruse. It`s the Third time we`re doing it together. Or sins me and two of my best friends started the tradition.

We only have like four hours in Kiel, but you can do a lot of shopping in four hours.

Picture from last years trip. Amd yes it me in the middle making that weird face.

Picture from last years trip. nd yes it me in the middle making that weird face.



So this is my weekends plans.

What are Your weekend plan?


*Sending you my love*

Hello Kitty, -Avril Lavigne

hello kittyI have always been an Avril Lavigne fan, and when she come With the song Hello Kitty I just had to have it. And what better way to show People that I`m on my way back to my blogging days than a song from on of the singer I love singing that song. It`s just so me.

I love Hello Kitty. I`m a Avril Lavigne fan. I am  pink girl and I love pastel colors.

I almost forgot I also love the pink mixed in to the little more rocked look. Hot Pink and black are HOT!!!


So tell me what you think!?

*Love from me to you*


No more..

… Promesses.

Because I feel like I just break them. I have not been posting in forever, well it has atlist been over five months. Before that I did a bad job as well on posting. so maybe, maybe I will do it better now. But no promesses. I don`t want to break anymore update promesses. So I`m telling it like it is right now, I will try to do better, but what happens happens.

I`m still singel, and I have no kids and there fore should have the time to do this. But well,the day has only 24 hours and I`m so bad at distrubiateing my time.

But the thing that has me from updating is that I have been in a shity Places a long time now. Feeling low, and getting sick alot, something. The reason that this has made me not update. is that I would have bitched and complaind a lot. When really I have no big reason for doing that. There is so many People that has it worse that me, so I don`t want to be a bitch and complaining about small Things. That I would not fell good about.


I have also been traveling a bit sine last time and as you know that is something that I really love to do.

See what I mean, think if I would bitch about not feeling well in and update and telling you in another one that I was just out traveling. I mean come on. Have petty would not that have been?
I even feel silly about it now. but okay.

So maybe I will better or, maybe this is just for show.

But I hope all of you have been well and that you fell the love that spring brings. (Hopefully summer is just around the corner. )

*Love from me to you*

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