Did you know that I hate packing. I HATE IT!

It`s kind of weird that one of the Things i LOVE is traveling and what does traveling leads to, well packing. Packing that dame suitcase.

So now the clock is 2:30 AM her and I have to be in my car at 09:00 AM, and there is like Three Things in my suitcase right now. That means that in lees then six and a half hour I have to be done packing, have slept and showered and get ready for the day to come.

The worst part is that I would not have been this bad of it`s had it not been for my shopping trip to Nordby, Sweden.

I had to go there to shop because it`s was a holiday her in Norway and not one shop was open. I could have planed better, but if you know me you would now that planing is not one of my strong Points.

I did say I did some shopping right just look here:

Been doing some #shopping to day. #Nordby #glitter

A post shared by siwisnuppa (@siwisnuppa) on

Therefor am I here bitching, when I should ether be packing or sleeping.

I just had to get this of my chest and I` m now going to sleep so good night.

 *Sending my love Your way*




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