Counting down

I’m counting down to I’m going to London again. Can’t believe that I’m going back already. Last time I was there was in middle of November so it about seven months sines I was there last time.
That time I was traveling alone., this time my sister is going with me. Loving it.
Well here’s my count down picture and I’m going to sleep now.

Good night.



What`s on your mind?

That`s the question that Facebook ask before you start writing, and their is alway something like that in the different social medias.

But what do we write?

Most people writhe when something positive happens. We want to shine. We want people to comment, we want those Likes and what not. We want people to think we have an excited life. That our life are exotic or what not.

We want others to think we are somebody.

Just look at me. I have not been blogging here a lot lately because I have not had it great, and I did not want that out there. mostly because I feel that others don`t want to read about something like that and it`s hard to be positive when you life is not. And I don`t want to be one of those that try to make their life to be something it`s not.

And if you have not seen the video on “What`s on your mind?” on YouTube or other places it has been shared then take the two and a half minutes out of you schedule and watch it now.

I think this video is saying a lot.

What do you think?

I also has to say that this video is making me a little sad. Because just because others don`t like or review/comment those not mean that people don`t feel with you, and it does at list not mean that your things are less important or less in any way.
Most of my things happens in the private. Because if I see that some of my closes friends are hurting I grab my phone.

But what I think also is a factor is what your closes do. I know some people who talks bad about others posts, and that make me think a lot about what to write and comment. I know I should not lett that dictate me and I have tried to talk to them, but it does not help. The thing that really saddens me about the last thing is that it can be about anything bout good and bad stuff.

I also had to take a big step back and look at my self when they started to do it. Because sadly I was not any better. Because they did sucked me in. So I know I have been doing it to, but I have stopped. So when they start now, I just become quiet.

I`m not saying that I`m never doing stuff like that anymore, but I try. I try to be better, and try is all I can really do. Because like you I`m only human.

But I do not bloke anyone from seeing there thoughts just because of some bad things. Life goes up and down, so why should we only post the good? Is that not the same as bragging, and if you ask me that could also be a bit boring.

*sending my love you way*


SongeBob at Tusenfryd

So I was at Tusenfryd an Amusement Park out side of Oslo here in Norway. We was there this Saturday, we being ten people of random family and relatives ten people in total. We try to do this kind of things sometimes.

So I was taking some picture of my cousin and his little cute kid at the Paris wheel. So cute.


Suddenly I hear  none other the SongeBob Squarpants. Right behind the Paris wheel its a stage, so I just had to see this.

Film a little of it for you to see. Not the best quality, and the lyrics are in norwegian, but anyway here it is.

Lady’s and gentleman heres SpongeBods Squarepants


Hope you enjoyed it, I know I did.


*A huge to you from me!*

Can not believe it…

…. Or well I can.
My little sister are good at what she dose and when her school had an award show she was nominated.

So she had one nomination at the Åskarr!

She was in the category Sound Open class.
Sadly she did not win, but at list she was nominated.

There is always next year!



Have you ever been nominated to something?
Please do tell.

*sending you my love*

Backstreet Boys…

…is coming to my hometown. I was fan when they was big, now they are one of my guilty pleasure. I listen to them when I’m home and in a bad mood sometimes. So now that they are coming to my town, I just have to go and see them live. Something I have never done.

Well I don’t have tickets yet, so maybe I’m not going but I’m thinking about it.

Have ever I want to share my favorite music video from them with you.

Hers Everybody (Backstreets Back).

Hope you enjoyed it.

*Sending you my Love*

The office

My office space is delt with two others. No not two others really it’s more of us, but is its three of us that has the most office time.

When I come in to day to pick something up this was what I was meet with.


It’s sprinkle light around it.
Loving it!

what to you think. Lovely right??