I forgot

I talked and talked about the norwegian version of Streets of London, so I was thinking I should post the norwegian version at the bottom. The I look over it a little after and what does I see, it`s not there. I forgot it.

So will post it now. Hope you like it.

The norwegian version is named: En tur rundt i byen. That translated means: A trip around the city. So it`s not a direct translate, but the meaning is there.

So if you don`t understand norwegian at all, this song is not for you. Than see the post before Streets of London. Just saying.


Hope you liked it. Oh yeah, the reason this was not for you if you don`t understand norwegian is because it the same melody that Streets of London. So you can just hear that and you will understand the meaning and all that as well as hearing the melody.

*Again sending you my love*


Streets of London

There is a team over my blog this days I think.

London, London, London,London,London.

And there is a reason for that. It`s more or less the what I think about. Hope you liked the song. I like it, but then again I used to go around singing the norwegian version of the song when I was little, before I become ashamed of my voice. So I think that`s one of the reason I like this to.

I remember that I didn`t like it the first time I heard the norwegian one, but then my mama told me the meaning behind the song. That I had to hear what the artist did sing. Just like I would when I read or heard a story and so on. Then I didn`t go a day without hearing it for a long time.

So that was my first meeting with lyrics. The first time a song wasn`t just a song.

*Sending you my love*

London By Me

I can`t wait to travel, as I`m sure you know. Well if you didn`t then you know now.

So I had a little time on my hand a few days ago and made a little video of picture I had taking when I have been in London. A little London by me movie. I posted it on YouTube last night and I want to share it with you. So here it is.

Hope you like it.

*Sending my love your way*