Fall is here

It’s not often we have a long and warm summer, but this year we had.

But now the trees are changing colors, the warm weather is slowly slipping away, and it’s raining almost everyday.

Even so there is something special with fall here in Norway.

Not something I can really put my finger on, but still it’s there. Even for me, I that don’t really like winter and fall is just a reminder that winter is just around the corner.


Even so the last month has been hard on me. Still can’t believe that grandpa won’t be standing with his friends at his local mall everyday. Every time I’m there I look for him. I know that he won’t be there, but still I can’t help it.


He will always be in my heart!

This post took a turn that I didn’t think it would, but that’s just have it is.

So now I have to jump in to bed, because I’m starting work 7am local time.

So sleep well, or have a good day/ evening/morning!

See you around!!

And as always, sending my love to you!!