On my way home

It’s a Long way home.

With a layover in London, a trip that would have taken little over two houers will now take over five.

So I will not been at home before closer to midnight.

So I’m sitting here and sitting here. The plan to London is soon starting to bord.

I have had a wounderful time here in Cork. So maybe I will come back som time, Who knows.



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Right now I’m in Cork, Ireland.

Right now i’m getting ready for bed after a wounderful day. Started with a conference, got a great lunch. I had the fish and chips, at one of the bar’s here. It was so much food that I did not eat it all.

After lunch we had a little bit of time to do some shopping.

We did go to Penneys, and this is the result.


So was it back to the conference. Before it was time for dinner. All I have to say about that is Oh My God

The food was just perfact.
Ther is just one little problem,  it was to much. I’m stiller full.

So now I’m going to sleep, and tomorrow (or today because it’s pasta midnight).

Oh two more things.

Hehe is the view from my hotel room.


I’m updating alot on Instagram, som fallow me over there and getting the updating.
My name is the same over there as it is here; Siwisnuppa.

But now it’s time for sleep. Continue reading

Early home

To day I have been out shopping, and now I’m sitting and watching Big Bang Theory.

But inbetween that have I been out eating dinner and having some beer’s. So I’m home are bit early this evening, but I hvert to pack my suitcase tomorrow and have some papirwork to do.

But anyway I had a great time to day, and I hope you had as well.