I´m born in Norway in a little town called Sarpsborg, but if you tell that to anyone I will deny it. Because in my mind I´m from the Fredrikstad just a twenty minutes drive from Sarpsborg.


And to top it of I don’t live in any of that places I live in Halden. But hey, it´s still in Norway, and still not even a half hour drive a way.

I love to write and here I will try to write in english so wish me luck, or maybe I should wish you luck sines you are reading this?

My life is mine and nobody can tell me have to live it. So therefore am I a girl-girl, but give me some tool and I can fix thing, and grease and dirt just find me.

But more than anything is that life it´s self would not be life if it was no sports.

When it comes to sports I can watch about anything. Football, hockey, handball, dance and so on and so on.

Just one problem with that and that is that this is one thing I and my Best-friends don’t agree on.

All this is me and so mach more. Keep tuned and see what will happen.



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