Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

I was watching one of my girly movies to get in a better mood and I did watch Another Cinderella Story.

So I did the whole thing, laughing, cry and both at once. Yes I was acting just like a little  teenage girl and it did help. Just like I knew it would. And do you want to know why it worked? I would tell, if I knew why it helped. But I don’t know, the only thing I do know is that it dos work on me.

The movie starts with Selena Gomez singing the song Tell me something I don’t know. 

So I’m sharing that song with you.


Maybe the songs in the movie is one of the things that helped me get in a better mood today?
That’s at list one possibility.

So now I’m in a better mood and I hope it will last.


PS. I’m trowing in the trailer for the movie right know at the end.


Love Myself, -Hailee Steinfeld

Well this is a song that I just stumbeld over on Youtube. I feel that it’s an impotent messenge to get out there. Because it’s importent to Love Yourself. You might still need someone els, but if you don’t love yourself it’s harder to belive that anyone els can love you.

So you need to start with yourself.

Before I heard this song I don’t think I ever heard about Hailee Steinfeld. But I will remember that name from now on.

Click play and just enjoy.



Wildest Dream -Taylor Swift


I know that I have not been the best at posting on my blog, but if you was and still is following my blog you will know that I’m a Taylor Swift fan. So when you know that I don’t think I have to tell why I’m sharing this song/ video with you.

Just watch and enjoy, or close your eyes and enjoy.


Love me like you do.

Yeah, I`m starting to blog again. And I`m starting it with a song. Love Me Like You Do, yeah the song to THAT movie. I just love that song and I love Ellie Goulding`s vois. This is one of the songs I can listen to again and again and again. I`m just in love.

Me myself and I listen to it on spotify, but sines it`s better to see it as well as hear it I went on to this little place with the name YouTube to get the video to share with you. So therefore I hope you will enjoy it.


So I`m starting small, just a little entry. Nothing big, but it`s a start.

♥  LOVE  

I forgot

I talked and talked about the norwegian version of Streets of London, so I was thinking I should post the norwegian version at the bottom. The I look over it a little after and what does I see, it`s not there. I forgot it.

So will post it now. Hope you like it.

The norwegian version is named: En tur rundt i byen. That translated means: A trip around the city. So it`s not a direct translate, but the meaning is there.

So if you don`t understand norwegian at all, this song is not for you. Than see the post before Streets of London. Just saying.


Hope you liked it. Oh yeah, the reason this was not for you if you don`t understand norwegian is because it the same melody that Streets of London. So you can just hear that and you will understand the meaning and all that as well as hearing the melody.

*Again sending you my love*

Streets of London

There is a team over my blog this days I think.

London, London, London,London,London.

And there is a reason for that. It`s more or less the what I think about. Hope you liked the song. I like it, but then again I used to go around singing the norwegian version of the song when I was little, before I become ashamed of my voice. So I think that`s one of the reason I like this to.

I remember that I didn`t like it the first time I heard the norwegian one, but then my mama told me the meaning behind the song. That I had to hear what the artist did sing. Just like I would when I read or heard a story and so on. Then I didn`t go a day without hearing it for a long time.

So that was my first meeting with lyrics. The first time a song wasn`t just a song.

*Sending you my love*

Backstreet Boys…

…is coming to my hometown. I was fan when they was big, now they are one of my guilty pleasure. I listen to them when I’m home and in a bad mood sometimes. So now that they are coming to my town, I just have to go and see them live. Something I have never done.

Well I don’t have tickets yet, so maybe I’m not going but I’m thinking about it.

Have ever I want to share my favorite music video from them with you.

Hers Everybody (Backstreets Back).

Hope you enjoyed it.

*Sending you my Love*

Hello Kitty, -Avril Lavigne

hello kittyI have always been an Avril Lavigne fan, and when she come With the song Hello Kitty I just had to have it. And what better way to show People that I`m on my way back to my blogging days than a song from on of the singer I love singing that song. It`s just so me.

I love Hello Kitty. I`m a Avril Lavigne fan. I am  pink girl and I love pastel colors.

I almost forgot I also love the pink mixed in to the little more rocked look. Hot Pink and black are HOT!!!


So tell me what you think!?

*Love from me to you*


Frozen, Disney

I have a soft spot for Disney and now soon there is a new Disney movie to see at the theater, Frozen.

For many people the movie is already out there, but here in Norway the movie is not to be seen before Christmas Day and I for one can´t wait. This means that I will have a good breakfast/lunch/brunch at my Grandma´s house with all my family and relatives on my mother’s side before I´m going to the theater.


I just can´t wait to se the movie. I really like the songs to the movie and listen to them often. If I´m not listening to Christmas songs I listen to songs from Frozen. I´m just loving it. The Christmas songs as well as the songs from Frozen. Because I really love this time a year. Christmas decorations, Christmas shopping (only three left), baking Christmas cookies and everything els that belongs to Christmas.

But back to the movie and all that. I´m just a little kid inside when it comes to this new Disney movie. Want to here more, see more, wishing I live in one of the countries that can already see it. Because I just can´t wait.

So have you seen it?
If so did you like it?

Heres Demi Lovato´s verson of the song “Let it go”:

I just love this song.

*ChristmaS LovE*