On a hockey game

Got to love my cousins little kid, he is just so adorable. Just see for your self. Here he is outside the hockey rink yesterday.

Just love him, he took a part of my heart the first time I so him.

Hi´s dad is a big hockey supporter, and then hi´s kid just have to be to, right? Wonder is he still will go on hockey games when he can say what he wants?

I hope so, because it will break my cousins heart if he don´t, I think.



Can they win?

I have to say that when this years World Championship I would never had guessed that Slovakia would be in the final.  So yeah they have to be this years suprise.But hey that´s what´s makes it fun.


So now it´s just the final left and that is between Slovakia and Russia.

Can Slovakia go out and win it all?
They have already beaten Canada and Czech Republic are Russia next?