We have to move passed this

Yeah that was what everyone said when it happened. We have to move pas this and with doing so we will grow stronger as a nation.

The day I´m talking about now is one of if not the blacks day in Norwegian history, July 22 2011. I´m so proved of have this was the fact. We grow closer as a people, we grow stronger and we helped each other through this. For most part this is still true. We are there for each other. We do what we have to, to get through this.

But what happened. First the trial started. And still we us in the street, we “normal” people helped each other, we talked and we all was holding hands. This Man that did this, he had to get his penalty.

So come the question was he sane when he did it or was he not. People started to get different opinion about this,but still we hold together.

But what happened?

I´m not saying that we, we “normal” people has changed. No because we have all different opinion, but we are not splitted, well at list not too much yet.
Next year at this time there is an election. Who will be the next Prime Minister? Who will be in control?

It´s not a black and white scenario ,but it has pretty much became a Red and Blue one. Will it be as it is today or will it changed?

I don´t want a changes I want Jens Stoltenberg as Prime Minister, Not Erna Solberg or Siv Jensen. I as a worker without any amount of money in the bank will not win if there get to be a change. Because what they want to change will not help me, not at all. But enough about that.

Now after all this rambling, will I finely get to the point.

I don´t like the tendency I see of the politics and if what I see is only that start, well than I will get mad. Because what you can read every were now is have things could have been done different, have if “we” were the one with the Prime Minister things would have been better, have it all would have been done differently. Well get this, you have all had a year to think about have you would have done it, you were not the one that just had to do what you tought was best at the moment.

We criticize every one and every thing. And there is a lot of What if!

Can´t we just get this in to our heads, there is no what if. What happened, happened!

It would be like i could say what if I didn´t drive my car January 21 2012 I would still have my car. The fact of the mater is that I did drive my car, I did wreck it. I can´t do any thing about it. No what have many What if I could find my car will still be wrecked.

That´s the thing about life, it is no what if. There only is, What is! If we think about all the what if we will not live. We would all just grow old and still think about all the what if´s, and then there will be a lot more of them.

The other thing we all have to take in to the matters is that nothing like this has ever happened before in Norway, no one had any real training. The Police train to do stuff like that, but when they train there is do over and there is no real danger. This time around there was no do over, and there was a danger there. A man they had no power over, a man they did not know what would do. I`m not a police and I have not been in the military so I don´t know have they train, but I can think that is something like “You three are the bad guys and the rest is the good once.”. Whites  reminds me of a game we play in first grade. Thief’s and Cops (we often was separating and was boys against girls).

So the mater of fact is that the government did as best as they could, the police did as best as they could. There is only one bad man in this all and he is in jail and hopefully will he be in there to he dies. So stop pointing fingers at each other, if you have to point a finger (or ten) point them to the one that´s in jail, the one man who did it all.

And for the love of everything holly please don´t try to us what happened to win the election next year. That´s just disgusted.


I hope that this kind of thing never happens again, not in Norway or any other places for that matters. But I do hope that we have learned something, I do hope that this will make us all grow stronger. Just stop pointing fingers on the once that didn´t do it. Remember that the man who did it had this all planed out, he had planed it over many, many years. The police and everyone els had only minutes to plan. Things would have been different if only one of the things happened, but it all happened. We did not just have one bad thing happening at the time, but two. We talk about them as one, but they are really not!




My Norwegian blog

Well I do blog on blogg.no also, but there is one big different. 

It´s in Norwegian. 

So if you want to read it because you do read Norwegian take a look, or maybe you just want to look around then you can do that as well. 


Oreo Dream

I have a wail now been finished with the cake I have beaked, and if you havent already figured it out so have I been baking a Oreo Dream cake.

It´s one of my favorite cakes, but I´m not fully satisfied with my own yet. So there for am I baking it and baking it over and over again. I´m some kind of perfectionist, well at list my mom says so. And I can´t really argue with her on that. Because I´m never really satisfied with what I do. I kind of always see the flaws. Or in this case taste it.

So the fact that I really did mess up to-day shouden´t really be a surprise right?

Well it is. First I burn the dark chocolate, and then I almost burned the white one. But I kept going. So now it all done in the fright, and I just hope that it will taste good tomorrow.

So until tomorrow.

Sleep tight everyone.


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