Day Two

Haven’t really been doing much today.

Watching a bit of telly, reading and just relaxing.

And isn’t that really what a vacation is all about?


Well I think so anyways.
Was planning on going home today, because I have been at my moms place the last few days.

One of the reasons I want to go home is also because I have a package withing on me at the post-office. And I really really can’t wait to get a hold on that.

The package is full of stuff I ordered from my Union’s homepage.
And for the most part,did I order new stuff. So I haven’t seen them in real life before. That’s why I’m a “bit” excited about the package.

Hope you have had a wonderful day.


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The Maze Runner, -Quote



“I promised him” he screamed, realizing even as he did so thatr his voice was laced with something wrong. Almost insanity. “I promised I’d save him, take him home! I promised him!”

-James Dashner

Day One

It Monday and week 40 has just started, with that start did also my fall vacation start.

Since I don’t have any “big” plans I went to the cinema today. I was planning to see Inside out, but I missed my bus so that did not happen.


So I did not get to see Joy, Fear, Disgust, Anger and Sadness.

Therefore did I break a promise to myself. I had promised to not see Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, at list not before I was finished read the book and before I have seen the first movie.


I’m still reading the book, mostly because I don’t get the last pages from the book to go with the film.
That’s why I’m still reading right after I seen the film and not waiting a bit to let the movie sink in.

Have you seen the movie?
And if you have what did you think?


My favourite quote?!

I don’t know have it is with you guys, but alot of my friends likes to take this quizzes, or analyze there Facebook.

It is a lot of fun sometimes. Because of the outcome.

I just took one where the Website analyzeed my Facebook site to find a quote that fit me.

My qout is:

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and to day is a gift.”

And have to say that I do like it.


This is what the website gave my.
Did translate it for you above.


Love Myself, -Hailee Steinfeld

Well this is a song that I just stumbeld over on Youtube. I feel that it’s an impotent messenge to get out there. Because it’s importent to Love Yourself. You might still need someone els, but if you don’t love yourself it’s harder to belive that anyone els can love you.

So you need to start with yourself.

Before I heard this song I don’t think I ever heard about Hailee Steinfeld. But I will remember that name from now on.

Click play and just enjoy.



Wildest Dream -Taylor Swift


I know that I have not been the best at posting on my blog, but if you was and still is following my blog you will know that I’m a Taylor Swift fan. So when you know that I don’t think I have to tell why I’m sharing this song/ video with you.

Just watch and enjoy, or close your eyes and enjoy.


One more year!!!

So life goes on, and I’m all of the sudden 29 years old. That means that I only have one more year to do all the things I want to do before I’m 30 year-old.

Luckily I have never really set a timer on anything.

So I only have to do all the things that can’t be done when you no longer is in your twentys. LOL.

But than again I have never been good at not doing what I want.

There is this one thing that I really want to do before I’m thirty, that is going to Paris.  So that is one of the things I’m doing this summer.
To say that I’m excited is an understatement. Can’t wait to go.
My summer vacation can’t come here fast enough!!!

Now I’m of to bead. Hope you all have had an awesome day!!!