December 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th

Oh well, the idea was one blogpost each day all the way on till Christmas.
Then maybe I had gotten a better blog rutine, but that did not happen.

On December 5th was it Once upon a time time all day long.

December 6th was a day with friends. I meet up with them in Sarpsborg. We talked, laughed and did all the things bestfriends do after not seeing each other in a long long time.
We meet up on the “new” restaurant Egon and the food was just amazing. For those that knows me, know that I LOVE all thing Christmas. All excited the Christmas dinner.
It’s just to much grace for me.
I’m more of a chicken and fish kind of girl, so instead of a Christmas platter I went for one of there beefs whit bacon rapt around it.
Just one word to describe it; Wonderful!
My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

December 7th did I spend all day with my mom, we did some baking preparation. It going to be a wonderful Christmas weekend next weekend, whit baking and Christmas marked and making home door decorations.
So we did some preparations to that.
Before I went home and then starting working nights.

So December 8th did I just work and sleep away.
Got to love that as well.

The only thing I could have been without is that I’m starting to get sick. My voice is crappie, my trouth is killing me, but what can I do?

Don’t have the time to really become sick, but I’m guessing that everyone have it like that.
Don’t want to be and don’t have the time to be sick.

So hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and start on this week.




December 3rd

Okay so I have an important question to all of you.

Is it December 3rd or December 3th???

Really hope that someone can answer my question.

So we are now one more day closer to Christmas, today I got a ring in my Christmas calendar.


                       Isn’t it cute?

This is more or less the on Christmasy thing I have done today, or I have also been drinking Christmas soda.

But now I have to go tosleep.

Hope you had a wonderful day.


December 1st.

So finely it’s December and the countdown to Christmas can start.

And if that’s not enough I can finely start to open my Christmas calendar.
If you follow me on instagram you have already seen what I got, but I want to show it of here as well.


Aren't they just so cute?

So from now and all the way to Christmas eve I’m getting a piece of jewelry.
And I love it!!

What’s in your Christmas calendar?

But now I have to jump in the shower and after that go to bed. Because I have to go to work early in the morning tomorrow.

Have a nice day(s) or night(s), until we meet again.


Frozen, Disney

I have a soft spot for Disney and now soon there is a new Disney movie to see at the theater, Frozen.

For many people the movie is already out there, but here in Norway the movie is not to be seen before Christmas Day and I for one can´t wait. This means that I will have a good breakfast/lunch/brunch at my Grandma´s house with all my family and relatives on my mother’s side before I´m going to the theater.


I just can´t wait to se the movie. I really like the songs to the movie and listen to them often. If I´m not listening to Christmas songs I listen to songs from Frozen. I´m just loving it. The Christmas songs as well as the songs from Frozen. Because I really love this time a year. Christmas decorations, Christmas shopping (only three left), baking Christmas cookies and everything els that belongs to Christmas.

But back to the movie and all that. I´m just a little kid inside when it comes to this new Disney movie. Want to here more, see more, wishing I live in one of the countries that can already see it. Because I just can´t wait.

So have you seen it?
If so did you like it?

Heres Demi Lovato´s verson of the song “Let it go”:

I just love this song.

*ChristmaS LovE*

This should have mom’s Christmas gift


They are so cute and would have been the perfect gift to my mom.

Because my mom collect cow things. And now it’s harder and harder to get things with cows on.
But she dose not have this one. There is just one problem I don’t have room in my suitcase. Not happy about that, burly that is life.

Still loving Dublin, and have a few more days to enjoy it.


I did buy it.

I can’t really belive it, but I did buy the dress that I told you guys that I loved in October. The black one, if you remember.


I did do one little changes thou. I bout it in white instead of black. As I did order it was I cure that I would have to return it, because it wouldn´t fit. So I was pretty happy that I did fit it. So that is the dress I´m wereing on Christmas Eve. So therefore am I not showing you guys have I look in it. Because I don´t want anyone to see it before christmas. So I will probably post a picture on Christmas Eve to show you.

But I will show you the dress in white. This is a press photo from, just as the photo above is.



Christmas is just around the corner.

It´s soon time for the best thing about the winter, Christmas.  

I love all thing Christmascan´t help it.  I have my shopping list for present almost done, and to-day am I going to be a good girl and start my christmas shopping. I have to plan this year sines I´m going to Ireland the first week in december. I would love to do my Christmas shopping there, but sines I only have 10 kilo to have with me on the plain I can’t really do that much shopping. I need my own stuff too.

So I´m doing as much of my Christmas shopping before I go. There is time to do a lot of the shopping after to, but I like to have as much of december free from shopping. That way can I do a lot of home baking. Enjoy my time doing the Christmas three and all the other fun things that are Christmas to me.

As I said Christmas is just around the corner.

I have even started to make my Christmas music list to my iPod and iPhone. Just love it.

So when december comes I´m ready.

There is only one thing that I don´t have done yet and that is buying my self some Christmas movies. I started last year and did then buy a few. This year I want more Christmas movies, but I have a little problem. I don´t really know which one I want. There is so many to pick from. Too many really.  And sins I only a like tree there is a problem picking out just two or three more. So if you have a favorite I would really like to hear which one it is. Maybe that will help me.

But now I´m soon going to start packing my gym bag and go to the gym.




There is this one Christmas film I have to see every year. It goes every year at Christmas day one the channel NRK, and it always starts around 12. The movie is from 1976 and are called Reisen til Julestjerene (Journey to the Christmas star). The fist time I remember seeing it was the same year that I did see it in theater. I remember that the whole school was there to see it, and half the girl had a crush on this one elf.

The theater I had seen was a little darker than the movie. The movie is more cut.

Well at list the old one. Now they are re-making it. This time it will be more like the theater version I have seen.
So I can´t wait to see it. Something more that is a little funny about this, or at list a fact, is that this is the first Norwegian film that are financed by Disney.

It has Premier November 9, I think that is a little early to get in to the christmas spirit. So I may not see it on the day of the premier, but I will see it. And I think that I will love it.

So here’s for Christmas. The best ting about the winter.