December 4th

Posting a bit late, but that’s just how it it.

Haven’t done much except I started watching Once upon a time.
I order the three first season’s a little bit back, but haven’t started watching before now.
And for those that wounder, no I haven’t seen any episode’s before now.
I was hooked from the first episode.
So can’t wait to see more.


Other than that have I just been at work.

Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!



December 1st.

So finely it’s December and the countdown to Christmas can start.

And if that’s not enough I can finely start to open my Christmas calendar.
If you follow me on instagram you have already seen what I got, but I want to show it of here as well.


Aren't they just so cute?

So from now and all the way to Christmas eve I’m getting a piece of jewelry.
And I love it!!

What’s in your Christmas calendar?

But now I have to jump in the shower and after that go to bed. Because I have to go to work early in the morning tomorrow.

Have a nice day(s) or night(s), until we meet again.


Christmas is just around the corner.

It´s soon time for the best thing about the winter, Christmas.  

I love all thing Christmascan´t help it.  I have my shopping list for present almost done, and to-day am I going to be a good girl and start my christmas shopping. I have to plan this year sines I´m going to Ireland the first week in december. I would love to do my Christmas shopping there, but sines I only have 10 kilo to have with me on the plain I can’t really do that much shopping. I need my own stuff too.

So I´m doing as much of my Christmas shopping before I go. There is time to do a lot of the shopping after to, but I like to have as much of december free from shopping. That way can I do a lot of home baking. Enjoy my time doing the Christmas three and all the other fun things that are Christmas to me.

As I said Christmas is just around the corner.

I have even started to make my Christmas music list to my iPod and iPhone. Just love it.

So when december comes I´m ready.

There is only one thing that I don´t have done yet and that is buying my self some Christmas movies. I started last year and did then buy a few. This year I want more Christmas movies, but I have a little problem. I don´t really know which one I want. There is so many to pick from. Too many really.  And sins I only a like tree there is a problem picking out just two or three more. So if you have a favorite I would really like to hear which one it is. Maybe that will help me.

But now I´m soon going to start packing my gym bag and go to the gym.