I lost 1,8 kilo

I´m getting closer and closer to my goal. In a year I wont to lose 30 kilo. Now four months and two weeks later have I lost  total of 28,4 kilo.

So I have to say that I´m a little proud of my self.
Now I have to lose 1,6 kilo, and that hopefully before february 11. That´s my last weighing before I´m going to London, and I really really hope that I have lost all 30 kilo before then.


But now will also the biggest job start, the job that it is to hold my weight down. To get my body to stay at the weight I want to be in. I´m also scared that I will gain all and a little more over a little period of time.

Weight is not funny, not funny at all. 




24,9 kilo

Can you believe it. I was just 100 gram form having a total weight loss at 25 kilo. 100 GRAM.

But yeah I´m still happy, I´m almost at 25 and I lost 2 kilo last week. That is really impressive. At list I think so.


But now have I got to turn of the computer, because I have to get finished packing. It under a hour to I´m getting picked up and are hedding for the airport.
Dublin here I come. 

So enjoy you week, and maybe you will hear from me. I´m packing my iPad and as always dose I have my trusted iPhone with me, so maybe I will find some time and write to you all.


20 kilo, can you believe it?

So I had a new weighing this week, well it was on monday. So it´s kind of like old news. I didn´t lose more then 1,1 kilo, but I did get to a total of over 20 kilos. Something I think is really, really good. It means that I have lost 20,1 kilo in two months, TWO MONTHS!!! That´s big. Or a lot! 🙂

And the truth is that I was hoping that I would lose that much before november 28, so everything is now a big plus for me.

But I have one problem. I only have one pants that fit me now, and even that one is stating to be a little big. So I have to start shopping soon, but sines I want to lose 10 kilo more I don´t really want to spend too much money on clothes right now. It´s no use when I might not fit them in a month or two. Right?

I have a new weighing tomorrow, but only if I get better. Because right now I don´t feel to well, and if I don´t get any better I will not go to work tomorrow, and if I don´t go to work I want to go to the weighing. Because I have to do a work-out at tomorrows weighing, and if I can´t work, I can´t work-out.

So here to hoping that I get better.



Not always Easy

It´s not always Easy with Easy Life, but right now I´m really happy about it. I have now lost almost half of what I want to lose. I have now lost 14,2 kilo and that is something I´m really happy about.

The last two weeks has I lost 3,8 kilo. I have to say that I had hoped that it would have been a little bit more, but when I look at the whole picture and see that I have lost 14,2 kilo in total in about six-week. Well then I have nothing to be disappointed in. Because if I may say so, and I will, that is pretty dame good.

But it´s not always easy going to the shakes and the stuff I´m eating. Sometimes is it hard, and special it people say bad thing. It´s not that I need people to see that I have lost wight, but when my friends say stuff like one of my friends said it´s hard. She right out said that she couldn´t see any different. And that´s okay kind of, it´s Okay that she don´t see it, but it´s not okay to say it like that.
I´m not good at seeing stuff like that my self, wight loss, a new hair cut or color and so on. But if I know that someone has lost a few or a lots of kilo, I don´t tell them that I don´t see it. I then I don´t say anything at all.
So I mean that my friend should not had said anything at all, that would have been better.

Some may say that friends should get to say that they don´t see it. But No!, they should not.
I love my friends and I also love the friend that this to me, but right now I feel that our friendship are kind of one-sided.
She say what she want to me, and if I take it the wrong way then I´m the bad one. But if I´m not agreeing with her, well them I´m the bad one. So have is that fair?

If she can say what she means and what she thinks all the time, then why can´t I?

And when I need a helping hand, well then it´s so difficult for her to help me. And the excuse is that she has kids. But when she needs help I have to come running at once. Because I don´t have kids, so I have nothing that stands in the way. It´s like she thinks I don´t have a life.


It should always go bout ways right?
It should be give and take, not give and give so the other one could take and take right?

But enough of that. I should really take a talk with her and fix things, so this is it. I will not bother you guys with this any more.

I will just be happy about my 14,2 kilo light body, and don´t bother about what others say or thinks.


Lost 1,9 Kilo

Still going strong on the Easy Life program. This week the lost was 1,9 kilo. Had hoped for a little more, but did fair a lot worse.

I have now been following the program for three weeks and has a total loss of 9,5 kilo.

I´m in me third week as I already said, and I´m now waiting for the bad weeks. The weeks with little to no weight lose, someone says it will come after the first 5 kilo. But that I lost the first week and I´m still going strong. So i was waiting for the seconded week to be the start of the bad weeks. Something that didn´t happen, so I was for sure it would come this week. But again it didn´t happen. So I´m still waiting.

The thing now is that there is not many weeks left before I´m going to start eat something more than just what the program is “giving” to me. With that I mean regular food, before I´m going back to the program food again. So I just hope that the slow week or weeks ether comes now, or don´t come at all.

It´s hard doing this and doing it alone, and not with a group, luckily will it soon be a group. This is a plus because then we can share what we are going true and help etch other that way.

My main goal next week is to lose more than 0,5 kilo. Because then I will have rounded 10 kilo in total. I hope for more than that, but I really really want to round 10.

Weight loss is not easy, but right now I have found a way that helps me get closer and closer to lose the kilo I want to lose.


Lost 5,2 kilo

I have now gotten home from my first weighing and all I can say is that I´m happy about it.

5,2 kilo in one week!

I could not believe it. It has just been one week, one week and I´m 5,2 kilo lighter.  Could not believe it.
I know I had lost some kilo, but over 5. No way. I would not believe it, but I did see it. So I had to believe it. And the fact that the shakes tastes good. I don´t feel any need for something sweet or anything like that. I just love it.

I have one meal left to-day and I was wondering if I should taste the vegetables soup to-day. Would maybe be good to taste something els for ones.

But right now am I so happy that there is nothing that can bring me down.

GO Easy Life!!!!

I know that I have a long way to go to reach my goals, but it´s a really good start and I cant wait to get going.