Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

I was watching one of my girly movies to get in a better mood and I did watch Another Cinderella Story.

So I did the whole thing, laughing, cry and both at once. Yes I was acting just like a little  teenage girl and it did help. Just like I knew it would. And do you want to know why it worked? I would tell, if I knew why it helped. But I don’t know, the only thing I do know is that it dos work on me.

The movie starts with Selena Gomez singing the song Tell me something I don’t know. 

So I’m sharing that song with you.


Maybe the songs in the movie is one of the things that helped me get in a better mood today?
That’s at list one possibility.

So now I’m in a better mood and I hope it will last.


PS. I’m trowing in the trailer for the movie right know at the end.


Let it Go, Idina Menzel

I have already shared Demi Lovato´s version of the song Let it go so now it´s Idina Menzel´s turn. So here you go Idina Menzel with Let it go

I really just love this version to. Love it, love it, love it.

*WarminG LovE*

Frozen, Disney

I have a soft spot for Disney and now soon there is a new Disney movie to see at the theater, Frozen.

For many people the movie is already out there, but here in Norway the movie is not to be seen before Christmas Day and I for one can´t wait. This means that I will have a good breakfast/lunch/brunch at my Grandma´s house with all my family and relatives on my mother’s side before I´m going to the theater.


I just can´t wait to se the movie. I really like the songs to the movie and listen to them often. If I´m not listening to Christmas songs I listen to songs from Frozen. I´m just loving it. The Christmas songs as well as the songs from Frozen. Because I really love this time a year. Christmas decorations, Christmas shopping (only three left), baking Christmas cookies and everything els that belongs to Christmas.

But back to the movie and all that. I´m just a little kid inside when it comes to this new Disney movie. Want to here more, see more, wishing I live in one of the countries that can already see it. Because I just can´t wait.

So have you seen it?
If so did you like it?

Heres Demi Lovato´s verson of the song “Let it go”:

I just love this song.

*ChristmaS LovE*

My weekend


One weekend three movies

Thor: The Dark World, that was the Fridays movie.

The Hunger Game: Catching Fire, on Saturday.

And to round up this weekend a Norwegian Christmas movie Solan og Ludvig: Jul i Flåklypa (Solan and Ludvig: Christmas in Flåklypa)

Love all three movies.


Wreck it Ralph

Got it in the mail today and I have just wached it. There´s not much to say about other then that I LOVED IT.

I have a soft spot for the Disney Classic and I have them all, so every time there´s a new classic out there I got to have it. Don´t love everyone, but there´s something about getting to say that I have them all. If you get what I say. But this one, this one I love.

Got teary eyes, laughs and all the things that I fell like a Disney Classic should have.

So if you haven´t seen it you really should.

Here you have Owl City with the song When Can I See You Again.

Hope you have seen Wreck it Ralph or that you will see it. Because I really enjoyed it.



Hunger Games

Harry Potter is done, twilight is done, so now it´s all about Hunger Games.


The first movie is over and done, so now am I waiting for Catching Fire. So when I so this title on YouTube I just had to watch;
Hunger Games; Catching Fire Promo Trailer

But that was a waste of time. Just look for your self:

What do you think?


The Last Song

Well now that I have posted some quotes from the book The Last song I thought I would post the song When I Look at You. Even if you haven´t seen the move you have heard this song. There was a time when I had heard this song one to many times, but I got over it.

So here you have Miley Cyrus preforming When I Look At You.



There is this one Christmas film I have to see every year. It goes every year at Christmas day one the channel NRK, and it always starts around 12. The movie is from 1976 and are called Reisen til Julestjerene (Journey to the Christmas star). The fist time I remember seeing it was the same year that I did see it in theater. I remember that the whole school was there to see it, and half the girl had a crush on this one elf.

The theater I had seen was a little darker than the movie. The movie is more cut.

Well at list the old one. Now they are re-making it. This time it will be more like the theater version I have seen.
So I can´t wait to see it. Something more that is a little funny about this, or at list a fact, is that this is the first Norwegian film that are financed by Disney.

It has Premier November 9, I think that is a little early to get in to the christmas spirit. So I may not see it on the day of the premier, but I will see it. And I think that I will love it.

So here’s for Christmas. The best ting about the winter.