Day five

I did not over sleep today, so therefore I do go to Oslo.
Did a few things that I have not done in Oslo before. Not that it hard, because normally I do shop.

So as I walk down Karl Johans gate (the shopping street) I looked up to the Castle, it dawned on me that I have never been up there.
Don’t really know why I have not been up there before.
And that just had to change.

So I walked up there and walked a bit around the park (slottsparken).


Afterwards I walked around a bit and ended up outside Nasjonalgalleriet. So since I never been I walked in and looked Hanne Ryggen, Weaving the wold.
It was amazing. I mean she was amazing. Not only did she weave pictures, but she med her own treads and colored them as well.
She weaved pictures of “friends and family” before she started to weav things that happened around her and in the wold in general.

Hanne Ryggen was an amazing woman.


After I was finished there, well then it was shopping time.
I got a few Christmas present out of the way, but what I’m most excited about is that I finally did get The Urban Decay Naked Smoky palett.
So excited about that.

Now I’m home and is watching The Big Bang Theory season eigth.

Hope you had a wonderful day as well!



SongeBob at Tusenfryd

So I was at Tusenfryd an Amusement Park out side of Oslo here in Norway. We was there this Saturday, we being ten people of random family and relatives ten people in total. We try to do this kind of things sometimes.

So I was taking some picture of my cousin and his little cute kid at the Paris wheel. So cute.


Suddenly I hear  none other the SongeBob Squarpants. Right behind the Paris wheel its a stage, so I just had to see this.

Film a little of it for you to see. Not the best quality, and the lyrics are in norwegian, but anyway here it is.

Lady’s and gentleman heres SpongeBods Squarepants


Hope you enjoyed it, I know I did.


*A huge to you from me!*

Kiel, Germany.

Friday I`m going to Kiel, Germany. We`re seven friends that`s going, we are going on a two days cruse. It`s the Third time we`re doing it together. Or sins me and two of my best friends started the tradition.

We only have like four hours in Kiel, but you can do a lot of shopping in four hours.

Picture from last years trip. Amd yes it me in the middle making that weird face.

Picture from last years trip. nd yes it me in the middle making that weird face.



So this is my weekends plans.

What are Your weekend plan?


*Sending you my love*

At home

“Borte bra, men hjemme best.”

It´s a saying in Norway, in translate it goes something like this Away is good, but home is better

So I like traveling and I love London, but it’s always good to cone home. And after sleeping a night at my moms couch it’s even better to come home to my own couch and bed.

A like traveling, seeing new places, seeing stuff that I don’t see everyday and it’s not that I miss home when I’m out traveling, but it’s alway good to be home.

My home here in Norway, Østfold, Halden. But this time I had a night in Sarpsborg before I got to Halden.


But now that I’m home I have to do a thing I’m really not a fan of, packing out from the suitcase.
So that is have I’m spending my night, oh who am I kidding, I’m going to put on a film and then go to sleep, the suitcase is not going anywhere.


Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day


I would love to say that I have been this perfect daughter and has been with my dad all day, and given him this really great present.
Sadly thats as fare from the truth at you will get.

– I have not seen him at all to day.
– I have not given him any present what so ever.
– I don’t even have a present for him at all.
– All he got was a stinking text with the words (“gratulerer med farsdagen :-)”) Happy Father’s Day.

I know, I know, Im not a good daughter.

But at list Im telling it to the world, not just to my self.

So now Im asking you, What do you do to celebrate Father’s Day?

And with that will I just tell you all that I really do LOVE my dad!
Even if I don’t make a big deal out of Father’s Day.

And i do blame my parents for that, we never made a big deal out of it when we were kids ether.


Traveling…. Again

I’m on my way to the airport. I’m not going far, and I’m staying in Norway this time. Im just going to Stavanger.

Well it’s not a just, because I have never bin there before.

It’s a work trip with the Union. So I’m looking forward to a weekend with a lot of Union talk and to learn a lot.

But I have to say that I would rather sleep right now then be in this car. Luckily are we soon at the airport and then I will get some breakfast and a new cup of coffee. I really need a new cup of coffee.

What are you doing this weekend?




logo_6cmGod be with us.

That is what the Town´s Shield says. This shield is for the town I live in.  On top it´s the name of the town, Halden. In the middle it the year the town was founded. And at that bottom it says as I written earlier God be with us.

It´s a bit different from the town shield that I have lived in earlier. Not saying that that´s a bad thing. Maybe I will show you them an other day.